Online rental of machinery and equipment in Verona? Find out how

The rental of machinery and work equipment is already a very widespread practice that is expanding more and more in our country and involves a wide range of product sectors.

Today’s market is constantly evolving, and digital innovation allows customers to entertain relationships with their suppliers even online. This is the case with the rental.

In fact, if you need to rent machines and equipment in Verona, you can also do it directly online with easyNoleggio Veneto.

With a few clicks, you can pick and choose the machine that best suits your needs, choose the rental period and decide whether you want to pick up the machine at the rental center or have it delivered directly to the construction site. The whole process is extremely simple and intuitive, and a transparent offer allows you to see the price of your rental at any time.

You can rent all machines and equipment at any time and from any device, and you can choose whether to pay directly online or upon collection of the vehicle.

But which equipment can be rented online?

The range of machines and equipment is large and consists of different categories.

There is a wide selection of lifts for lifting people up. The different truck models can reach from 10 to 47 meters, while tracked platforms from 10 to 42 meters. The family of platforms is completed by articulated self-propelled vehicles with models that can reach up to 22 meters in height.

In addition to people, it is also possible to lift materials at height by choosing from a selection of fixed and rotating telehandlers, mini cranes and mobile cranes, the latter of which can only be hired from an operator.

After lifting, the most rented product category is earthmoving machines. This includes mini excavators, mini excavators and wheelbarrows, which thanks to their compact size can carry out work even in tight spaces.

It is very important to remember that in order to operate certain equipment, including platforms and earth moving machines, it is necessary to have a specific license.

Training is one of the services that easyNoleggio Veneto offers to ensure that operators can obtain the necessary qualification to be able to work safely with potentially dangerous machines.

Maneuvering certain machines such as mobile cranes is quite complicated and requires years of experience. For this reason, it is possible to rent both cold and hot, or by using a qualified and experienced operator who knows how to operate the rented machinery.

In addition to the larger machines, there is much equipment required for specific processes that can easily be rented.

To generate energy both on site and for events, a wide range of power generators can be rented, from 1.3 Kw upwards, and generators that can produce up to 75 Kw efficient.

Lighting is an important safety element when working at night or in dim light, such as tunnels or during events and festivals. For this, it is possible to rent light towers capable of illuminating the surrounding area.

The offer is supplemented by a range of equipment for construction, gardening and industrial cleaning. The former includes hot air generators, wall and surface treatment equipment, vibrating plates, power tools and cutting and drilling tools.

For gardening, chainsaws, lawnmowers, stubble cutters, catenary lines and shredders can be rented. Finally, for industrial cleaning, there is a selection of high-pressure cleaners, floor cleaners and vacuum cleaners.

Since many of these machines and equipment require the use of suitable means for their transport, trucks with cranes, closed vans or vans with bodies can be rented.

Maintenance operations are carried out on all types of machines and equipment, in addition to periodic checks of those machines for which it is required by law and in-depth checks at each departure and return from the rental center. In this way, the customer is guaranteed to always use safe and efficient machines.

Rental is a practice that does not stop at the delivery of the goods, but includes a series of services that facilitate the customer by allowing him to concentrate exclusively on his work.

These include on-site delivery and training, as we mentioned earlier, but also technical assistance throughout the rental period in case the customer encounters breakdowns or malfunctions of the rented machines.

Renting online with easyNoleggio also means trusting professional renters who know the sector and the machines and who will be able to support the customer in the choice of machines and for all possible needs during the rental.

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