MILAN DESIGN FILM FESTIVAL 10 – From November 22 to 26 in a renewed version

That Milan Design Film FestivalI turn 10 and get renewed.

Face of the event’s new course Cristiana Perrellaindependent critic and curator appointed artistic director, who in turn has chosen a team of guest curators to support her in the construction of part of the program: the philosopher Emanuele Coccia, the architect, researcher and writer Bianca Felicori and the French-Iranian architect and designer India Mahdavi.

Scheduled from November 22 to 26, 2022, the fair, which since 2013 through video in its various forms tells the most modern concepts in design and architecture, will take place in different places in the city, from the center to the outskirts Triennale Milano, Anteo Palazzo del Cinema , Edi / Barrios and Tilane Cinema Theatre, library and cultural center with the aim of reaching a wider audience and reading design from new perspectives.

really important to be able to tell the world of design“- confirmed Milan’s culture councillor Tommaso Sacchi -“Sometimes it is hard to guess how much intelligence and how much passion there is behind a single object, how much research into the choice of a material, how much study in the use of a color, how much attention to the social implications of a design. This new edition of the Milano Design Film Festival confirms an eternally lively curiosity towards this world of teeming creativity and takes us behind the scenes to tell us its history, its topicality and its protagonists.“.

Alongside the desire to establish itself as a point of reference for design and architecture, defining and representing them in less traditional contexts (from environment and sustainability, to visual communication, interfaces and interactions, from food to medicine and the world of mobility), MDFF22 underpins this renewal is the intention to trigger relationships with similar disciplines, strengthening relationships with the main players in a sector that increasingly reflects the profound transformations in the world.

Design is increasingly becoming a discipline that goes beyond aesthetic and functional issues to embrace social, political, moral and environmental issues. A system of thought that helps to understand the world we live in and the way we can live better, that outlines concrete and innovative solutions, but only if understood as a well-considered strategy for action and repair“- explains Cristiana Perrella -“The new line of MDFF aims, through video, to bring the general public closer to this updated concept full of design possibilities that open up to experiments and to the voice of the new generations..

Between films, documentaries, short films and feature films, animated films and stories about designers from yesterday and today, the program for the 10th edition of Milan Design Film Festival tells about design not only through screenings, but also with round tables and lectures open to the public as well as with a program of films streaming on

With its 10th edition, the festival is also changing its structure, which now includes five sections: Official Selection MDFF22 with international films in Italian premiere; IMAGINE curated by the guest curators; AFA Architecture Film Award; MDFF Student Award and the new ROOTS section with a tribute to Gae Aulenti.

IN MDFF22 Official selection of international films, curated by Cristiana Perrella, films by designers and films about design by directors and artists will be presented. Feature films, short films, animations, fiction and art videos will be selected by the selection committee through an international open call, with full details available on the website Particular attention will be paid to the best films from the latest editions of international festivals and to the more recent and unpublished productions that are able to show new visions of design in all its meanings and to examine the language of the moving image as an element of design research.

The section TO IMAGINE Guest curators Emanuele Coccia, Bianca Felicori and India Mahdavi will each deal with a thematic review: the three reviews will be dedicated to in-depth analysis of contemporary and innovative themes, told with archival material and new productions.

It is also confirmed in 2022 AFA – Architecture Film Award, the International Architecture and Cinema Award created in collaboration with the PPC Order of Architects of Milan and the Foundation of the PPC Order of Architects of the Province of Milan, with the aim of selecting films dedicated to architectural research. This section will present the ten finalists of the award, and among them a jury of international experts will choose the winners for two categories: Architecture films, films with ancient, modern and contemporary architectural histories, and Studios films, audiovisual projects commissioned by architects. companies to promote one’s own project activity. The winners will be awarded during the last evening of the festival.

Cooperation with universities, academies and design institutes in particular is being strengthened with the aim of involving the young people more and more. This is demonstrated by one of the innovations of 2022: MDFF STUDENT AWARD, the award created in collaboration with the major Milanese youth education institutions, with its dedicated section presenting the best short films (max. 90) made by students and received through an open call. The short films of the 20 best video creators, shown in several reruns during the festival, alternating with the films in the main sections, will be rewarded with the opportunity, for their authors, to participate free of charge in a three-day workshop with international representatives of the world of design and cinema.

Finally, to underline the intention to make the festival also an opportunity to deepen and update historical figures in design and architecture, and to bring their work into dialogue with the most current practices, the new section of the festival, ROOTSwhich dedicates one tribute to Gae Aulenti on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his death. In collaboration with the PPC Foundation of the Order of Architects of the Province of Milan and the Gae Aulenti Archive, on the last day of the festival MDFF will present a project created by Aulenti, opened in Tilane, the library and the cultural center. in 2009 the projection of a series of video materials curated by Nina Artioli in charge of the Gae Aulenti Archive and an in-depth talk about her artistic legacy, read through the thoughts and experiences of Nina Bassoli, Matilde Cassani, Emilia Giorgi, Sara Ricciardi.

Milan Design Film Festival also confirms the project MDFF Around the world, with the aim of bringing the Festival and the debate on design into new and ever wider international contexts and at the same time activating local synergies. In fact, there are now numerous collaborations with Italian cultural institutes, universities, design weeks and various public and private institutions.

Finally, the support of The Good Life Italia al Milan Design Film Festival as a media partner.

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