Meanwhile, in the Palestinian media: demonizing omissions, anti-Semitic vilification and indoctrinating children into militant irredentism –

“Jewish Criminals Plan to Rebuild Their Fake Temple.” “To impress upon future generations that Palestine from the river to the sea belongs only to the Palestinians”. “Israel is a Palestinian organ supermarket for any Zionist who needs it”

How are the Palestinians informed by the Palestinian Authority press?
Here are some recent examples:

● July 17, 2022, title of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Official Gazette of the Palestinian Authority: “The occupation bombards two places in the Gaza Strip and shoots farmers and shepherds east of Khan Yunis”.
The truth: Palestinian terrorists fired 4 rockets from Gaza at Israel and the Israeli Defense Forces responded to hit Hamas military targets.

● July 19, 2022, title of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida: “Lapid and Barlev: every police officer is authorized to shoot to kill”.
The truth: Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Minister of Public Security Omer Barlev said: “There is no change in the regulations on opening fire by police officers: any police officer is allowed to respond by opening the door. fire to kill when you are in a life-threatening situation“(YnetNews18.7.22).

● July 20, 2022, title of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida: “An Israeli photojournalist shoots a young Palestinian in occupied Jerusalem”.
The truth: a 44-year-old Palestinian terrorist who had stabbed an Israeli civilian in cold blood was confronted and blocked by a photographer’s armed response YnetNews who happened to be at the scene of the attack.
In the article, the official Palestinian Authority newspaper adds: “Every Israeli journalist is nothing more than an intelligence agent or a ‘sleeper’ soldier who is immediately activated when something appears in front of him that goes against the will of the intelligence services, security or the army of occupation” .

(From: palwatch, 7/22/22)


Episode of July 15, 2022 by children’s show “Pioneers in the morning” by Al-Aqsa TV by Hamas in Gaza. A conductor in a puppet costume fools the children in the studio about the duty of jihad and the intention of the “criminal Jews” to rebuild the “false Temple of Solomon”.

Host: “What do you know about al-Aqsa Mosque?”
Girl: “It is the capital of Palestine. We must defend Jerusalem. We must not allow the Jews to destroy it”
Host: “So we have to fight the Jews? Shouldn’t we let them into al-Aqsa Mosque? Do you love al-Aqsa Mosque or do you love your father more?”
Girl: “I love al-Aqsa Mosque”
Host: “Sweet girl. But you [ami] dad too” […]
Little boy: “If we stuck to Sharia and observed Islam and if we were a nation and prayed the prayers fire [dell’alba] in the mosque, surely Palestine would be liberated, right?”
Conductor: “Of course. First we have to obey Allah and we have to pray in the mosque. And we have to go back to Allah and pray, right?”
Little Boy: “Straight”
Conductor: “And we must undertake jihad”
Little boy: “Jihad for the sake of Allah is the pinnacle of Islam” […]
Host: “Dear children, we also need to know that criminal Jews are planning and digging tunnels under al-Aqsa Mosque for… I forgot. What will they build? Them… the tem… They will replace the Dome of the Rock with tem… the tem… What is it called?”
Little Boy: “The False Temple”
Conductor: “Aha”
Little boy: “With all the excavations under the al-Aqsa Mosque, one day there will be nothing left under the al-Aqsa Mosque, and that…”
Host: “What are they up to? Children want to know. What is the Zionist entity planning?”
Little boy: “They want to build the false Temple of Solomon as you said. I want to point out that this is not true. It never existed and will never be built as long as we, Palestine and al-Aqsa Mosque are there. We’ll stay inside ribat [difesa armata delle frontiere dell’islam] until the last drop of blood”
Conductor: “It is beautiful, it is wonderful that we will defend it with our blood and our bare chest, if Allah wills. And let us not forget that for years we have fought to defend the al-Aqsa Mosque. The Martyrs sacrificed himself for the sake of al-Aqsa Mosque and for Palestine. Right?”
Little Boy: “True”
Host: “The martyrs, besides the wounded, right?”
Little boy: “True. And the prisoners too”
Host: “True, people have been sent to prison or exile.”

(From:, 21.7.22 – see also:


Speech of Jenin District Governor Akram Rajoub, at a conference of the Jenin Chamber of Commerce and Industry during the “Jenin Shopping Festival 2022”:

Jenin Akram Rajoub District Governor: “The Palestinian narrative that must be planted in the minds of our children in all areas, in the economy, in the culture, in the cultural heritage, in the struggle and in raising the flag is: Palestine for the Palestinians. Yes, Palestine for the Palestinians. From the river [Giordano] by the sea [Mediterraneo]. Yup! From the river to the sea. Your national responsibility is to pass this on from generation to generation to our children: That Palestine belongs to the Palestinians from the river to the sea. […] We accepted the 1967 borders to establish our state within them, but in our minds and in our minds [future] generations shall impress it Palestine [dal fiume al mare] it belongs to the Palestinians”.
(Facebook page of the Information and Culture Commission of Fatah, 15.6.22)

(From:, 6.7.22)


In an interview from 29 May 2022 to Awda TV (of the Palestinian Authority), the Secretary of the Revolutionary Council of Fatah Majed Al-Fityani he declared that the Palestinians will be the only ones who will have sovereignty in Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean and that they will wrest from Israelis who have neither home nor roots in this land.

Majed Al-Fityani: “First, our Palestinian people will exercise their sovereignty over this Palestinian land in whatever form they see fit, according to the circumstances of the time and place. Only the Palestinians will have sovereignty over this land and only the Palestinian flag will fly over it , although there are foreigners like others who have passed through the history of Palestine and then returned to where they came from. The second point is that they must understand that every Palestinian man and every Palestinian woman has a right to Palestine from the river to the sea . We will prosecute them and take this right away from them. We are a nation that does not forget. Seventy-four years after the Nakba and the Palestinian eviction, every year a new generation emerges that says: my home is in Jaffa, my home is in Tantura, my home is in Upper Galilee, my home is in Al-Low, my home. is in Lod, my home is in Ramla or Umm Al-Rashrash [Eilat] or in this or that place. A Palestinian will never forget his birthplace [sic]. Chairman [Abu Mazen] he told the UN: “I have my grandparents’ documents that my home is in Safed, I want to go back to Safed. I want to go back, I want my home. You come here from all corners of the world, but you have no home or roots in this land. You have become a seedless plant on this earth”.

(From:, 5/29/22)


In a broadcast of Palestine TV of 25 May 2022, thePalestinian expert in international law Samir Zaher claimed that Israel steals organs from Palestinian corpses, that the “Zionist rabbinate” allows the use of the skin of Palestinian corpses to treat soldiers burned in the attacks, and that Israel is the “biggest human organ supermarket” for “every Zionist , who needs it. “.

Samir Zaher: “The Zionists steal organs from corpses [palestinesi]”
Interviewer: “True, yes”
Zaher: “A Swedish reporter documented the evidence of this in an investigative report that sparked outrage around the world about how they steal corneas, bones and skin from their backs and how they put pieces of plastic in place of corneas. Believe it or not, the Zionist rabbinate authorized them to take the skin and use it to burn soldiers during the attacks.Also they steal the organs of the dead without permission from their relatives and give them to any zionist who needs them.This is considered a serious war crime: theft [organi] to people who are not alive and cannot say no. Israel is considered the biggest supermarket of human organs”.

(From:, 5/25/22)


PLO and Palestinian Authority TV also promote the annihilation of Israel with TV quizzes:

Official Palestinian Authority TV host: “What are the boundaries of Palestine in the four directions?”
The interview: “To the west is the Mediterranean”
Host: “Good”
The interview: “In the east [fiume] Giordano]”
Host: “Straight”
The interview: “Lebanon in the North”
Host: “And to the south?”
Interview: “To the south is the Gulf of Aqaba”
Host: “Correct answer. You have won 20 dinars [giordani = ca. 28 euro]a tribute from the Refugee Department [dell’Olp]”.
(Palestinian Authority Official TV, Khan Yunis Camp, Gaza Strip, 26.4.22)

(From:, 4/26/22)

Official Palestinian Authority TV host: “What is the highest mountain in Palestine?”
Little boy: “Mount Meron [nel nord di Israele]”
Host: “Excellent! You went to school for 10 years, but you still remember well what you learned. Right answer” […]
Host: “If you answer the question, you will receive 20 dinars [giordani = ca. 28 euro]gift from the department [Olp] for refugee affairs. Ready?”
Child: “Hello”
Presenter: “What is the total area of ​​Palestine?”
Little boy: “27,000 meters” [sic]
Host: “27,000 square kilometers? [= Cisgiordania, Gaza e tutto Israele]
Little boy: “Yes…”
Host: “He seems confident in his knowledge. What do you guys think? Is the answer correct? Exactly! Your answer is correct”.
[Nota: l’area totale di Cisgiordania e striscia di Gaza non arriva a 7.000 kmq]
(Palestinian Authority Official TV, Nuseirat Camp, Gaza Strip, 17.4.22)

(From:, 4/17/22)

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