How to tell if children’s toys are safe

Buying quality toys means not only offering the little ones a higher quality of play, but also guaranteeing them entertainment in complete safety, a not insignificant benefit for the peaceful growth of their children. Among the figures predisposed to the evaluation and regulation of children’s toys, there are doctors and institutions, the main guarantors of safety both in the use and purchase phase of the goods. However, there are some precautions that must be taken if you want to avoid running into products that are sold but not recognized by the rules.

What functions must children’s toys have in order to be safe.

The most important detail to observe is the presence of the famous CE mark on the label of the goods you intend to buy. This mark is synonymous with quality and safety, in fact it represents the overcoming of the stability test of the European safety regulations. However, there are some precautions to take:

  • All CE marks date back to 2011, this means we have to be extra careful with all these products before that date;
  • Also pay attention to the way the brand is represented. There are many cases of counterfeiting of the trademark itself. Many products from China used to have a similar but not quite identical reproduction of the stamp on the labels. Therefore, the only way to avoid running into problems is to make sure that the image is actually matched.

On the same label, there is also a lot of other data that can be useful in identifying the actual best item for your baby. There is actually written information such as the reference age of the game and information about the materials used.

Good practice for buying children’s toys.

At this point, all that’s left is to know what the best practice is to avoid putting your child at risk by evaluating the games individually. Additional filtering of the toy is an important practice to ensure maximum safety:

  • The first step is to make sure that the toy does not have small components that are easily swallowed by the little one or can be easily taken off the whole body of the toy. Taking care of this aspect avoids having the child ingest objects that could cause choking;
  • If you are dealing with noisy games, it is good to make sure that they are not too loud so as not to damage the child’s hearing aid;
  • Do not buy toys with small arrows or balls, they represent the first danger for children who usually put them in their mouths or ears;
  • All electric toys must be CE marked to ensure that they do not conduct electricity to the child. In that sense, it is also good to check that the battery compartment is difficult for the child to open. Furthermore, this type of toy must always be stored carefully, as it can release acidic liquids from the batteries and be harmful to health;
  • If the child is allergic to certain substances, it is good to check their absence by consulting the label and packaging. In addition, it can be particularly effective to consult a doctor to find the most suitable solutions.
How to tell if children’s toys are safe

What are the most reliable products for child safety.

There is a large selection of products on the market. Without a doubt, the best choice is to rely on large manufacturing companies such as:

The big brands are undoubtedly among the best solutions to ensure maximum safety for their children. This is due to the reputation they have to defend, a factor that requires them to apply quality control that is much higher than the standards, and above all thanks to the attention to the selection and control of the products that are marketed.

Many brands specialize only in the construction of games for the little ones, a crucial factor to always ensure the highest level of attention in the creation of the toy. Relying on large companies also means putting oneself in the hands of companies that are able to invest large sums in the creation of articles, a factor that often allows them to have top quality materials and research always in pace with time.

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