GPS, ranking publication: announcements and presentation of complaints and appeals

Among the 2022/23 substitute hopefuls, awaiting the publication of the provincial rankings for the substitutes, GPS and school rankings. The provincial school offices start publishing announcements regarding the publication of the ranking list. Avellino is planning the release at the end of July.

After the requests for confirmation of the service carried out after May 31 and the dissolution of the reserve for qualification and specialization of support, the USP can begin with the publication of the ranking list.

Still waiting for the dates for the 150 preferences.

Where can you see the ranking list?

In Article 9 of OM 112 of May 6, 2022, the indications for publication of the GPS are

The head of the territorially competent school office publishes the GPS on the office’s website. Similarly, the related school rankings are published in the register of each educational institution for the courses taught there..

The ranking list is finally published, so we always read in article 9 of OM 112 of 6 May:

An extraordinary appeal to the President of the Republic within 120 days or a judicial appeal to the competent TAR within 60 days is allowed against this provision.

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The message of Avellino

“It would be the intention of this TA to proceed with the final publication of the GPS, approximately by the end of this month“, writes the Avellino office.

Other offices, due to a technical problem, postpone until next week.

Avellino’s clarifications regarding any appeals: “on the occasion of the previous publication of the GPS regarding the two-year period 2020/2022, a very large number of – not better defined – inquiries were received from aspiring students registered in the GPS who complained about the score they were assigned and / or the exclusion from the ranking itself requests / warnings to proceed in self-defense. Having said that, in order to remove the field of misunderstanding, these complaints can only be asserted before the competent TAR or with an extraordinary appeal to the Head of State.“.

The fact is that “the undersigned, in order to arrive at balanced solutions and with a view to profitable openness to any inquiries from the teachers, reserves the right to evaluate the comments that may be received.“.

Avellino’s warning

On the other hand, the interpretation given by other school offices is another, which has already announced that any complaints will be submitted to the school that managed the evaluation.

Excluded list

Fortunately, many school offices are already well advanced with the evaluation and have already published lists of those excluded from inclusion in the GPS. In this way, the guarantee for the correctness of the locations is increased.

The main reasons for exclusion

  1. after declaring previous insertion but it is not shown. Unless it’s second-tier support
  2. degree or diploma + 24 CFU is not a qualification for admission in the first bracket
  3. Joint degrees are missing applicants who have requested to participate in competitive classes for which common qualifications are required but have not submitted them.
  4. competition classes until exhaustion. The art. 5 of OM 112/2022, which identifies the competition classes when they are exhausted, according to which “only applicants who are already present in the GPS of the indicated competition classes for the two-year period 2020 / 21-2021 / can apply for updating / transfer 22”;
  5. it is not possible to select competition classes that are only activated in Bolzano

    With a memorandum dated June 20, the USP Bari orders the exclusion of candidates from the competition classes A077, A078, A079, A080, A083, A084, A085 because they teach exclusively in the province of Bolzano according to the resolution of November 8, 2016, n. 1198 Competition classes for elementary schools and high schools

  6. failure to activate the required competition classes in the province. See Brescia
  7. over the age limit of 67 on 1 September 2022 GPS locations for temps and supported roles: the age limit to join is 67
  8. it is not possible to participate in the second GPS bracket for the A55 competition class if you do not have the necessary requirements according to art. 4 in OM. 112/2022, which allows admission for the competition class A-55 only to those who, in addition to having the qualifications specified in Appendix E, according to the MIUR decree of 09/05/2017 n. 259, have in addition, performed a specific service of at least 16 days at the musical high schools.
  9. No to professors located at the same CDC

Application for temporary workers per 31 August and 30 June 2023

We remind you that applicants who will be entered correctly in the GPS will be able to apply for the allocation of temporary positions on 31 August and 30 June 2023. The Ministry has not yet specified dates for submitting the application.

Additions from GaE and GPS: up to 150 preferences, when and who can apply [VIDEO]

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