Donetsk commemorates the children who died in the Donbass War – Crisis in Ukraine

by Eliseo Bertolasi

On July 27 in Donetsk, the “Day of Remembrance of the Children of War Victims in Donbass” was held for the first time. This date will be celebrated every year.

The date is not an occasional one, remember when a sudden bombing of the city of Gorlovka on July 27, 2014 tore the bodies of a young mother Cristina, who was holding her little daughter Kira in her arms while they were walking in the park.
The pictures that then circulated (still visible online) show the two bodies broken up in the grass, black and torn by this gruesome death. They immediately began to attribute to Cristina the definition of “Madonna of Gorlovka”: a “Pietà”, for her maternal instinct in defending her own being from death with her arms. The perpetrators of this monstrous crime remain unpunished.

During the day, toys and flowers were placed in front of the “Alleya Angelov” monument, “Avenue of the Angels” located in Donetsk’s central park. The monument, which consists of a marble slab on which the names of all the little victims are engraved, is always surrounded by flowers, soft toys and small toys.
Late in the morning, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Natalia Nikonorova, held a conference dedicated to the memory of these children, the speakers, numerous, were present, but also online. The roar of the explosions, which could be heard, albeit inside the building, did not frighten those present and became the acoustic “undertone” of this event.

In the evening in the central park of Donetsk with a laser beam projected on an adjacent building, the tragedy of these children was depicted, all their names were shown. Truly a touching moment: every name – a young innocent victim was struck down.

Later in the day, in Gorlovka, the installation of a metal monument dedicated to the “Madonna of Gorlovka” was planned. The sculpture, the work of Viktor Mikhalev, a Donetsk blacksmith, was made using metal fragments of bombs, missiles that fell on the city as material.
Unfortunately, the ongoing fighting near Gorlovka made it impossible for security reasons to install and unveil the monument.

Since 2014, 130 children have lost their lives and 512 have been injured under the Ukrainian bombs. Unpunished crimes that demand justice before man and before God. Maybe the perpetrators of these crimes will be brought to justice, or maybe not! In any case, they will not be able to escape God’s judgment.

The West continues to not hear, not see and does not have the courage to speak out and condemn these crimes.
This is undoubtedly a great shame, but the even greater shame lies in the fact that the West continues to supply weapons to the Kiev regime, weapons with which the Ukrainian army attacks the territory of Donbass and commits these crimes. .

Every day the bombs fall in an absolutely random way on the city of Donetsk, no one knows where or when… But despite these conditions of terror and constant danger, life flows and assumes a kind of “normality”.
There are countless roars that you feel more or less distant.. In the gardens between the buildings, the children meet and play normally, and they don’t even notice anymore.. Egor five years (while I was a guest of his family) ) every time he hears the roar of an explosion, he smiles and says “dalekò” (“it’s far away”), as if to calm everyone present. This is Donetsk normality!

But what is the point of these indiscriminate bombings? In fact, only civilians and infrastructure are affected!

What can Donbass children be guilty of in the eyes of Kiev? A child never represents a threat or even a military target!

Why are these children denied the right to a normal childhood, the right to happiness, the right to a future, simply the right to live?
The West, always ready to condemn the violation of any right for all, simply turns the other way when faced with these crimes.
The silence of the West becomes an accomplice and kills these children once again: the first from the Ukrainian bombs, the second from the mainstream media, which by not talking about it covers up their deaths, hence their memory.

We are facing the loss of the most basic moral principles. One really wonders what elements of degradation and perversion have ever been able to bring the West so low that, on the contrary, it pompously defines itself as the cradle of rights, democracy, freedom!

After all, Donetsk always stands and moves forward. In these eight years of war, the people of Donbass have hardened themselves to every suffering, to every sacrifice and are determined to achieve their goal: to live in peace, to build their lives and their future on their own land.

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