Castelnuovo & Coronavirus: dialogue, words, the Mefistofele club

Castelnuovo & Coronavirus: dialogue, words, coexistence and Mefistofele Club of Castelnuovo -MURALES CASTELNUOVESI from Franco Lightweight

C.astelnuovo di Farfa – It is not always easy to communicate from quarantine, and not only because we are forced to do it virtually (now we are almost used to it), but because, never as in this moment, our rhythms diverge on a so macroscopic way. Even in this previous period Christmas we have to find the right way to communicate. These are days of forbidden hugs, of forgotten kisses, of domestic exile, of broken, broken physical relationships. In this period we rediscover the word, the precious gift of the word. It is an irreplaceable thread that serves to reweave the web of human and social relations, like this goddamn Coronavirus systematically aims to destroy. The word, the language. A faculty that we have received for free since birth. And that is perhaps why we end up wasting it very often. TO Castelnuovo it would be nice, profitable, to go back to make room for memories, to stories which in my opinion are precious gifts that must not be scattered because they have the ability to make us recognized in the soul and in the pride of being castelnuovesi. THAT Castelnuovo stories they are, if they can be defined as such, interwoven threads of a tapestry, i Castelnuovo himself and these threads, of all colors, are the narrative and the instrument of this Castelnuovo identity. In my work”Murals Castelnuovesi ” I have traced and drawn with words, in the form of poetry, stories and vibrations that have marked, engraved, the souls of the inhabitants of Castelnuovo who have sailed Dedalo-Castelnuovo.I have written a lot about Castelnuovo such as articles, but I have not communicated with organic (organized) publications my works with the exception of my poetry collections.

Castelnuovo he was a tyrant against me and other Castelnuovo people because the era of “Mephistopheles Club” yet, alas, it is not finished Mephistopheles Club I’ve always been one “Antagonistic Spring” fed to the mass with the label “different”. For years I suffered from political opponents, Castelnuovo’s cement businessmen. I suffered ostracism from my political sphere, but no one ever silenced me, never reduced me to begging to enter circles of “Power of Castelnuovo”. Being a citizen of Castelnuovo del Garda and not having access to something like the historical archive is disheartening. They do not allow us to live and be where we can no longer be. From the Castelnuovo stories emerges the narrative that is not possible with “politicians” castelnuovesi to engage, it is not possible to have a dialogue because they are the “politicians” castelnuovesi, the sum of anti-democracy, they are the fuel of denial, they are under the belly remote controlled by the capibastone masters of vote packs. These politicians castelnuovesi they are the product of opportunism and small but very small civic interest. THATThe Mefistofele Club in Castelnuovo it produced “foreigners and exiles”. The exile experience comes from leaving one’s own country to land in new spaces and new thoughts. From the campsite on the edge of Castelnuovo I have prepared one “The Lexicon of Exile”. The great effort that, in my opinion, must be made a Castelnuovo, an effort that must be put in place from all sides is to find the thread that is able to “fix” relationships.

That thread able to “repair” there Castelnuovo community wounded and marginalized, to repair and bring distant people together. The humble art of “Repair with the word” I think I hope that one Castelnuovo this virtue has not been lost. When I write a story, a poem or a newspaper article, I try to collect fragments, moments of life, of encounters that have never been lost. When I write, I rediscover these fragments, I try to put them together, I weave them together, like the weft of a fabric, and a reality appears to me that was otherwise lost. Write and describe Castelnuovo it’s like working to edit a movie.

When I write about Castelnuovo I try to do it honestly, with context, and that’s exactly the moment of the narrative where the truth comes into play. The author knows very well that there is always an interlocutor in front of you, even if it is abstract. The Castelnuovo Stories, i Wall paintings from Castelnuovo del Garda have a cathartic effect for me, it allows me, this type of writing, to bring out what lives inside me and I don’t feel judged, they manage to create and recreate realities that no longer exist. Real characters who become heroes or victims Club Mefistofele castelnuovese. Stories are powerful because they are no longer individual, but they are and can also become the identity of a community and its culture. The quarantine and the Castelnuovo stories looks like a title coined by PP Pasolini. Let’s see what comes out. (Written November 20, 2020) -Franco Leggeri, Castelnuovese.

Castelnuovo: The Covid19 pandemic

God may have aged ?

Because it gives us a future

in pandemic tunnel.

We all want to drink to quench our thirst,

the tears collected along the streets, in the houses,

in hospitals and cemeteries.

Perhaps long nights await us

when we all lose pieces of life

and we will find ourselves worn with sorrow and resignation.

It will only be a memory

the verse of the poem, modeled and sung

from the simple voice of Castelnuovo’s children

while they play in the shade of the olive trees.

Castelnuovo, give us your poetry again

and your soft and subtle verses,

as the wind plays with the leaves

and becomes rustling by caressing the flower petals.

Castelnuovo, pray to God with your verses

and with your voice, which always translates into sounds and vibrations

of songs sung by our mothers’ eyes.

Castelnuovo, we will find the seed of our life

worn out by the sad time that awaits us?

These verses, fragments of inspiration,

they will sail in suffering

to cross the ocean of memories.

Castelnuovo, but we will still succeed

to perceive nature as Leopardi?

Castelnuovo, what will we tell our dead?

How should we tell this story?

We will again wear a liberating rose on our feet

of the altar, with the presumption of having God’s attention?

We who have destroyed the sky and the valley of Farfa,

we can still have and rediscover Castelnuovo’s poetry

in our prayers and hope for forgiveness?

Poem from MURALES CASTELNUOVESI collection of Franco Lightweight

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