Blog: Women’s football: the future of fashion or sport?

Wembley, Sunday 31 July 2022, at 18.00, final of the European Women’s Football Championship between England and Germany.

If they played Men we would say finally between English champions and German panzer four times world championsbut fighting for the title of European champions are instead them Womenand then we discoverhonor roll European and global fair sex:

European titles (first edition 1984)

  • Germany 8
  • Norway 2
  • Holland 1
  • Sweden 1

World titles (first edition 1991)

  • USA 4
  • Germany 2
  • Norway 1
  • Japan 1

When we see the palmares, we think that it will be a one-way battle, dominated by the German several European and world champions, and instead, as in recent weeks, have looked not only at the notice boards, but also at the playing field, at images that with both Sky and RAI offering live and replays of every match of the continental event, it is clear to bear in mind that the dispute is open, that no result is taken for granted, that 87,000 from Wembley they will loudly try to push theirs lionesses against the win that the boys failed to achieve last year against our Mister boys Roberto Mancini. Who asks me if I’m watching pink soccer ballto those who ask me what I think, if I like it, if I’m passionate about it, I answer that my boundless love for women makes me interested in everything concerning them, and so with healthy curiosity I watched the matches blue and clips of other teams’ cartel matches, without however feeling strong emotions in light of the movements, the shots on goal and the parade attempts of the beautiful girls who enter rectangular green lawns 105×68 until recently the reign of the so-called strong sex (which then has very little strong).

News a few weeks ago is that in Italy women’s soccer has become (finally) professional. Will we have overpaid champions in a few years from millionaire contracts from sponsors who will compete to grab them for advertising space with the aim of selling creams for hair removal on legs or enamels for painting nails? We don’t find jerseys more expensive than Messi And CR7 made in the poorest countries by paying 1 dollar an hour children with sad eyes and worn hands, but what about madames …? Will our daughters, granddaughters and sisters throng the football schools, the oratory pitches and the multi-use gyms and sports centres? I don’t know if this will happen and I honestly don’t care. What really matters to me is to understand if the girls really want to kick a ball or if they will be forced to do so by diabolical parents looking for easy money, lots of money, contracts for their princesses who would make them kings and queens, their fathers and their mothers. Sport is no longer seen as something healthy, formative, educational, as fun, but as the means to achieve wealth, well-being, fame, and all this makes you lose the true meaning of physical activity.. Perhaps it will be another step against the well-established trend with reversal of rolesit will no longer be the blondes and brunette stars who will dream of the handsome guy with studs on his feet and the never-ending bank account, but the handsome boy from a humble family who will aim to marry golden ball named Caterina, Giulia, Paola or Vanessa.

To date women’s soccer it seems to me more like one fashion what else, it seems a bit like padel which suddenly became the most practiced, the most loved, the most dreamed of sport. Yes, like padel that everyone plays it, like padel, that if you put yourself out of one of the millions of fields born like mushrooms in the last two years, you don’t see a practitioner throw a real shot, you don’t see the half that knows how to make one band saw or one vibrates. Let’s be honest footballas the English champions call it, it is a sport, a game that requires e.g Rugbythat American football and it Australianability to powerfrom running speed and off performance, resistance to effort, physical contact, which, without insulting women, are purely masculine characteristics. Nature decided this, not me, who, don’t get me wrong, is neither a male chauvinist nor an absolute misogynist. Welcome it sportall sports for all, but we do not exalt what has no merit to be exalted, we do not use the human body at all costs to do businesslet’s leave him alone and let him do what someone or something is made to do. Good final of the European football championships and good sport to all … and above all to all.

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