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Heat stroke adults and children: discover useful tips on how to behave in these cases. They are really important

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Summer is definitely the season we look forward to the most: summer means seait means vacation, relaxation, but you don’t need that anyway underestimate too high temperatures: that would be a mistake. Especially children and the elderly, as they are more”fragile“And they are therefore more vulnerable, they must be protected enough from heat and above all from heat stroke, typical of conditions and temperatures very high. They are this year too reachtherefore very high temperatures, but as we should behave just in case it hits us a little malaise actually is it due to too hot? Let’s figure it all out advice useful to always remember.

Heat stroke: how to behave

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First, let’s get started Searching for to explain what “heat stroke” is and what happens to ours body. This phenomenon occurs due to temperatures high levels, poor ventilation and humidity. This mixture allows our body to raise the body temperature a lot fastenough to be able to overcome even them in a very short time 40 degrees. As you know, this is possible to represent a risk factor and also cause harm serious for both adults and children.

Heat stroke can be very dangerousleads our body as you can imagine to a very high form of thermal stress which can actually lead to consequences also very serious. It is a condition that can for interest everyone, regardless of age group, but naturally the most vulnerable are children, the chronically ill and the elderly, those who have one condition of very uncertain health.

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However, it is good to do one difference between “heatstroke” and “sunstroke”. Shot off heatas we have already explained above, it is a condition that yes verify when special conditions exist side by side environmentalhigh humidity, poor ventilation together with high temperatures. However, it is not required be exposed directly to the rays from Sun. The solstice, on the other hand, is condition which occurs after one exposure directly to the sun.

Recognizing heat stroke: the symptoms

It is important to know recognizetherefore a heat stroke, to be able to to intervene in a timely and appropriate manner, avoid damage also seriously. The first door bell of alarm, which we said is represented byincrease instantaneous body temperature. This is it overhang thermal which can cause several symptoms such as weakness, headache, dizziness, confusion, convulsions, low blood pressure, dehydration, nausea and vomiting.

In it children You can recognize a heatstroke from the following symptoms: less liveliness, vomiting, dry lips, poor urination, cold skin and inconsolable crying. In these casesthe first thing to do is to immediately bring the child, but also the adult or the elderly, into an environment fresh. So try to freshen up body with a baby bath and try to moisten it with water that is not too cold.

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In the event that both for adults and children, i.e symptoms must proceed immediately warn 118. The complications, in these cases, could even be fatal. It is important to know that in the case of heat stroke it is not necessary manage medicine antipyretics and you must not usealcohol to try to lower temperature of the body. You risk doing damage bigger.

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