5000 books in Ukrainian for refugee girls and boys in Italy

Fundraising for the benefit ofUkrainian Book Institute donating 5000 books in Ukrainian to refugee girls and boys in Italy reaches a new milestone: the first volumes published by Rubbettino print. The initiative, the collection of which is still active, is part of a circuit linked to the association Refugees welcome and to the Emilia Romagna region, which intends to provide assistance to refugees who escaped the war in Ukraine. Let’s find out more right away.

“5000 books in Ukrainian for refugee girls and boys in Italy”

“5000 books in Ukrainian for refugee girls and boys in Italy” reaches a new milestone after the success of the fundraising – to which it is still possible to contribute – in favor ofUkrainian Book InstituteUkrainian government agency for the promotion of reading in Ukraine, supported by Federation of European Publishers (FEP) and fromItalian Publishers Association (AIE).

They were printed by Rubbettino print the books that in the next few days will be distributed in our country thanks to the association Refugees welcome and to the region of Emilia Romagna. The same initiative was taken and welcomed in other European countries, including Poland, which has already been activated in recent months, and Germany, where the initiative is still ongoing.

The president of AIE, as well as vice-president of FEP Ricardo Franco Levi, commented on “5000 books in Ukrainian for refugee girls and boys in Italy”:

“With this initiative, the Ukrainian Book Institute provides concrete assistance to families and minors who have fled the war, who are today all over Europe, while helping to maintain a strong bond with their country of origin. We immediately supported this initiative with our funds and encouraged publishers to do the same. Thanks to all those who have donated, to those who will do so in the coming days, as the collection is still open, and above all thanks to our partners who have allowed us to print and distribute the books in our country ”.

The 5000 books – 1000 copies for 5 different titles – were also made thanks to the Ukrainian publishing houses, who for this ambitious project provided the print files free of charge.

Comments from the organizers

“In light of the conflict in Ukraine, we also wanted to think about the younger generations. Because giving children a book means giving normality, even in the very difficult situation of refugees fleeing a war, and also for teachers and operators, sharing stories and pictures with children represents an additional educational tool. Thousands of people, especially women and children fleeing from Ukraine – continues Felicori -, have found hospitality in Emilia-Romagna, but also integration and sharing, thanks to the commitment of the entire regional system, to the cooperation between institutions and civil society, as in the case of today’s initiative, and to the solidarity of the communities”.

The Regional Council for Culture of Emilia-Romagna Mauro Felicori explained; while Valentina La Terza, program manager for Refugees Welcome Italyhe added in this regard:

“We are very happy to participate in this initiative, which allows us to be longer with Ukrainian minors and support them in the often tiring process of adapting to the new reality they live in. The texts will be distributed to Ukrainian families , which is currently hosting Italian families as part of our welcome project, and we hope that it will also be a further opportunity for exchange between them.

Also Marco Rubbettino, General Manager Rubbettino print, took the opportunity to comment on the beautiful initiative “5000 books in Ukrainian for refugee girls and boys in Italy”, which emphasizes the importance of the role of culture in the dark moments of human history:

“It seemed natural for us to accept the IEA proposal. We are printing partners for over a hundred publishers across Europe, we had to do our part and we did it by doing what we do best. It is only a small light in the night, but it feeds the hope that many bright teeth illuminate the darkness”.

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