“With Onda Latina, I want to convey lightheartedness and joy by uniting Italy and Cuba”

“Onda Latina” is the new single from Lucky, an Italian singer-songwriter and performer who has been exporting our music to Cuba for years.

Sparkling rhythm, catchy melody, able to combine the most modern reggaeton with the traditional Cuban salsa and timba, is a fresh and danceable song that is proposed as one of the real novelties of the summer of 2022.

As in the typical style of Lucky (real name Gianluca Giorgini), this song also offers sounds never experienced before, accompanied by a completely original vocal timbre.

To keep faith in his goal, he involved internationally recognized artists such as Christian & Rey, grandchildren of Pacho Alonso and children of Pachito Alonso (historic figures in Cuban music); Edesio Alejandro and his son Christian, a respected singer, producer and TV host.

Representative of the Italian sound is the Little Tony Family, who, like the great Roman singer who died nine years ago, threw themselves into the project and let themselves be involved in the free spirit of music. They are joined by one of the greatest exponents of Italian contemporary art, Elvino Echeoni. Painter, sculptor but also musician and composer who, with Angelo, Sara and Stefano, immediately agreed to sing in “Onda Latina”.

The song is produced by Lucky himself with Cuban artist Yolena Alonso, who develops several professional projects with him, besides being his wife.

Always an entrepreneur with a love for music, he explains his success in Cuba as follows: “I am a businessman and singer who, with an innovative spirit, wants to mix timba with salsa and reggaeton. The Cubans see in me the passionate and free maniac that I am in spirit and heart. Nothing in life I like better than seeing people having fun and having fun. My songs can be wings to fly. I want to make the soul of those who listen to my music dance and free from all thoughts”.

Gianluca, tell us how “Onda Latina” was born, a fresh piece that transmits energy and joy?

“He was born in an extremely sad moment, at the height of the pandemic, while I was in Cuba and all I could do was look at the sky and the moon in the evening because the airports were closed, I could not turn back to Italy and I was homesick for my country. In those moments I felt the desire to unite two realities, the Cuban and the Italian. At that time, Cuban doctors arrived in Italy to help their Italian colleagues in the fight against covid, and I saw a great desire for brotherhood and togetherness. So I thought of this musical bridge to bring joy and ease. I knew that everything had stopped, but that there would be a recovery, although I did not imagine where humanity would go and whether it would still dance. In the video I put together Cuba and Italy, Havana and Rome, pasta, the Colosseum, the sporty 600, the beaches, to show the beauties of the two countries”.

It’s a piece full of important collaborations, how did they develop?

“They volunteered in the sense that I sent the song to everyone when it was just starting, and they followed this project step by step. As for the little Tony family, Angelo immediately accepted with enthusiasm. I would have liked to involve him also from the musical point of view, instead he left me carte blanche. Elvino is an all-round artist, a great teacher, coming from the piano bar, then he became an important painter and sculptor, engaging with great desire and humility. Sara is a talented young dancer and singer, and I gave her space because she feels music in her soul. Then there are the nephews (and my brothers-in-law) of Pacho Alonso who represent the history of Cuban music, in fact after the mambo period he invented the pilon rhythm that completely changed Cuban music. He is a highly recognized figure in Cuba. Edesio Alejandro is an international star, he recently produced a film, Mambo Man, which won 110 awards and collaborated on two Jon Bon Jovi records. When he heard the song he liked it and he also asked me to make one just me and him together. On a human level, he’s a beautiful person, he has a huge heart, and he’s an amazing artist, and I feel lucky to know him. I put the Italian tradition on one side, the Cuban on the other with different rhythms, creating a personal musical mix. When I play with music, I do it for myself and give life to the rhythms I like. You have to do something for yourself. If you pour your heart out, it will also reach the public. You can’t just think about fashion or seek approval. The greatest artists may not have been immediately understood, but they have been able to convey feelings to listeners.”

What would you like to reach the public through “Onda Latina”?

“This desire to have fun and convey the need to feel good, to feel free and carefree. I think it worked out.”

What points of contact did you find between Italy and Cuba on a cultural and musical level?

“From a cultural point of view, we are both Latin, and that is a starting point, even if we Italians want to see ourselves more and more American or European, as a spirit. When I was little there were parties in the villages where the tarantella was danced, there was a desire to be together, I see that today in Cuba, they play football, baseball like we did as children. Culturally we are cousins, albeit with differences on a religious, food, climatic level, in the way of living, we are born in different situations, but the desire to have fun is the same, although lately in Italy we may have forgot it a little. The Spanish language is similar to Italian in some ways and this helps with communication. Finally, there is the dance, another fundamental element. For example, the basic steps of salsa are those of mambo. We have very strong traditions in common, also from an architectural point of view. In Havana there are beautiful colonial style houses with architecture sometimes similar to ours. In addition, the Internet has recently arrived in Cuba and it still works poorly as a connection, and it is also very expensive, but now Cubans can see the wonders of Italy, whereas before they were only told verbally “.


What are your next projects?

“This summer I am taking Italy to Cuba with the historic Cantagiro on August 20. The Cuban winner will then take part in the finals of the event in Rome. I have another song coming out in October that’s going to be called “A rain of kisses” and then there’s a musical in the works, Vamo for Havana, a show that talks about real exchanges between Italians and Cubans with the artistic management. by Yolena Alonso, of which I take care of the musical part ”.

by Francesca Monti

Thanks to Mauro Caldera

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