War in Ukraine, 37 children in Italy with a Chioccarelli bus

Chioccarelli in Ukraine

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine is not over and the ‘journeys of hope’ continue from Italy to bring basic necessities and bring the children to safety.

As expected, a company from Caivano had proposed the transport of children, the Chioccarelli bus In fact, with the owner Enzo and other collaborators with the Agap Foundation, who organized the trip, they have just returned to Italy and rescued 37 children from these areas.

This is the story of a volunteer to organize the trip and take the children to the bus:

Children of war – without a mother, without a father, with things in their backpack and a teddy bear in their hand

HM 2.00 a.m. from Sunday to Monday. The entire volunteer site in Wilenska 2 is back on its feet, as 37 children come to Krakow. They have been running since Thursday, the fourth day. We have 10 hours of rest and another two days by car to Italy.

We’re just one stop on the way. A difficult one, because it is long. I’m pregnant because I’m alone. Without mother, without father, with things in a backpack, with the mascot in hand, they go to the end of Europe with strangers and strangers. Children from the occupied Vyszogrod region, from the Kiev region sent to Italy by the local Childhood Department. Our agape fund and Sofia Riccaboni secretary of the agape fund helping them get there safely. Italian families and places await them in the sanatoriums. There are three Ukrainian caregivers and two drivers

Children of war. Children – refugees. The youngest at 4.5, the oldest at 12, most are orphans, some have parents, but these parents are fighting on the front lines.

– Last Thursday we left by bus for Kiev. From Kiev to Lviv by train. During their journey, they slept one night on mattresses on the school floor. From Lviv to Krakow by bus Exporting children to Italy for safety. Missiles are exploding in our Kiev region. All these children survived the occupation. My job is to bring my children to Italy safely – says nanny Nastia.

– They came at night, they had to be washed, fed, put to bed. We ordered 40 portions of food. They were really tired. One boy had fingerprints and blisters on his feet. There was a girl who cried all the time. And a child with mental disorders. The children could not sleep because the planes fly over our district in Krakow. I explained that the airport was close, they asked exactly what kind of plane it was because they were afraid of bombing.

One boy said there was a rocket launcher near his house and he saw the rockets being fired. He saw his city being bombed. We did our laundry last night. I went to bed at 5 in the morning, got up at 7 to prepare breakfast, small gifts, check if they got everything. Sofia and Vowa are going to Italy with them with us – adds Vera.

Today (Monday) before At 14 we left all the children in the bus waiting on the other side of the street. The children politely went in pairs and held hands… They followed Vera to the bus… They went to a better world ..

We are happy, but why cry?

From Bugno

The trip to Italy

The children left from our Vilenska 2 point are already in Italy. 37 children exactly between 4.5 and 12 years. Most of them are orphans. Some military people are fighting on the front lines. Our Sofia keeps us updated on the route. She and Vowa went with the children. Around 9:00 everyone had breakfast around Florence. The Italian drivers bought sweets for children. And they drive on. This is the sixth day of their journey from the occupied Ukrainian cities to the Italian families who will take care of them.

20 Torre del Greco children entrusted to local families;
17 children left in Bagnara Calabra at the structure of the “Little Brothers and Sisters of the Immaculate”.

For those who want to help:

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