The tourism sector is growing in Emilia-Romagna: more bookings also from abroad on the Riviera and in the region

They climb in Emilia Romagna subject tosummer 2022 on the Riviera as in the rest of the region. Inquiries from foreign tourists are also increasing. In addition to the well-established motivation for coastal visits, there are other new ones: culture, sport, shopping, food and wine and nature.

These are the salient results that emerge from an analysis carried out by Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna in collaboration with Isnart and Unioncamere Italiana and presented during the webinar “From trip to tourism through data. Tourism in Emilia-Romagna”. The analyzes were integrated with those carried out by the Emilia-Romagna Tourism Observatory.

The tourism supply chain in the region

Emilia-Romagna has almost 49,000 tourism businesses (7.6% of the national tourism chain) and over 242,000 employees (9.2% of the national total). The result is an average size of companies in the region that is higher than the national one.

Six out of 10 companies specialize in catering, almost 2 out of 10 in cultural and recreational activities. The incidence of hospitality businesses is lower (1 in 10), which, however, reaches its maximum concentration in the province of Rimini, where 3 out of 10 businesses, in accordance with the area’s tourist specialization, offer accommodation solutions.

Sales of hospitality businesses

According to the national survey carried out by Isnart regarding our region, sales in 2022 are promising with a monthly trend higher than in 2019 for the first three months of the year (52.4% of rooms occupied in January, 53.6% in February, 51.9% in March). However, the dynamics in April and May are more restrained, giving way to the strong comeback in June, which brings values ​​for the month in line with 2019’s record high.

The study carried out by the Emilia-Romagna Tourism Observatory confirms this trend. If 37% of operators (of the Riviera) achieve better results in 2021 in terms of room occupancy, 28% even register better results than in 2019; in June for 61% of operators. room occupancy in August was already over 80%.

Typology of guests prevalent in accommodation facilities

Again, the study by the regional observatory shows that, in terms of the structures on our Riviera, the main clientele consists of families with children (58% of the structures), but couples without children also play a primary role. (33%). There is no shortage of structures that specialize in welcoming groups of friends, even those who are no longer young.

Return of foreign customers

The survey carried out at national level and the one carried out by the regional observatory also agree on another aspect, also this time positive, namely the return of foreign customers.

As many as 37% of operators report an increase in foreign customers compared to last summer (with an average share increase of +15.1%), while 35% of operators are in line with 2021. Foreign customers come from German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), but there is also a very strong flow from France, from other European countries and from Eastern Europe (Tourism Observatory of Emilia-Romagna).

For the national survey, the companies that anticipate increases in foreign customers are even one in two (but this survey refers to the entire region, not just the Riviera).

Domestic customers remained stable at high levels for both surveys.

The Internet research data regarding our territory for the next holidays also shows growth levels compared to the previous year (Source: Google Trends). Bookings through tourist portals are also growing. Both of these pieces of evidence confirm the positive prognoses of the two studies.

Tourists in Emilia-Romagna: not just beach holidays

The survey carried out at national level by Isnart also highlights the predominant reasons for visiting Emilia-Romagna (here the data are the advisory from 2021).

Our region is based on a strong image of a coastal destination (motivation for visiting for over 51% of tourists) built over decades. This consolidated motivation is flanked by a wide range of motivations inherent in the so-called “new tourism” (culture, sports, shopping, food and wine, nature). It is striking how the weight of these reasons is very similar to each other, which testifies to our region’s good positioning of these issues in the tourist’s mind. These motives are followed in the activities carried out by tourists when they arrive in the region (sun and sea, visits to historical centers, exploration of the territory, shopping, shows, sports, tastings, visits to museums and exhibitions and traditional and folklore events) .

The new information system for tourism

Isnart, in collaboration with the other subjects in the Chamber system, has established a tourist information system consisting of two platforms that allow the processing and correlation of data and information about the sector on different territorial scales. The data presented by Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna via webinar has arisen from the query of this system. This new system is gradually being introduced in the Chambers of Commerce and will enable the offices to make easier use of the data, which in turn will strengthen the analytical capacity of the system in terms of tourism. These analyzes were integrated with those of the Emilia-Romagna Tourism Observatory.

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