The Rebel Hearts project aims to promote children’s health

Ivory Coast. Adopt A Rebel Heart is a continuation of a project developed for international cooperation aimed at promoting children’s health: the “Cœur Rebelle” project is a medical health program aimed at the most vulnerable Ivorian population and aims to “flush out “the rebellious hearts that could be the main cause of numerous premature deaths.

Ribelli Hearts is a project strongly desired by the president of the non-profit association Una Voce per Padre Pio Enzo Palumbo, who sees in the help of these weak and vulnerable groups, in the children of this area, the realization of the goal and finally in the association. A mission operating in a country, the Ivory Coast, which has a latent health service that is lacking and can be used mostly by a small elite of the population because it is paid for.

“With this project, in a country where the percentage of infant deaths, severe malnutrition cases and avoidable deaths after an early diagnosis, we wanted to guarantee the right to health and life that belongs to every human being, fundamental principles and essential to every life. Rebel Hearts was and is a project launched at the same time as the inauguration of “Le paradis de Padre Pio” Medical Center in Bonoua, Ivory Coast, on April 2, 2022, which saw the first step of this process unfold for three days .project or an on-site screening of the population in collaboration with Professor Guido Oppido, Head of the Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Monaldi in Naples, Dr. Claudia D’Andrea, Cardiologist from Santobono, and Dr. Kiran Mixar, General Practitioner at the Humber River Hospital in Toronto, Canada.The result of this screening left us all speechless: of the 150 cases brought to the attention of the medical team by the local social services, 75 were assessed as urgent for which a life-saving intervention is essential and unfortunately the site cannot be operated. Solerti, we moved to reactivate the humanitarian health corridor, suspended due to the pandemic, to transfer cases of maximum urgency to Italy.

Thanks to the collaboration between the Italian Ministry of Health, Monaldi Hospital in Naples, Bambin Gesù Hospital in Rome, Gaslini Hospital in Genoa, Padua Hospital, Princess Grace Hospital in Montecarlo, all this has been possible. On May 15, the 3-year-old Little Mahewa (accompanied by his mother) with his arrival in Italy, with consequent immediate admission to the Monaldi Hospital in Naples, began a series of transfers that will be completed in mid-2023.

Mahewa, with Down syndrome and suffering from DIV interventricular defect, was successfully operated on on May 23, 2022 at the Monaldi hospital in Naples by Professor Guido Oppido and his team. Now the post-operative process is waiting for him to be able to return to the Ivory Coast and forget his rebellious heart forever “- explains Enzo Palumbo from the NGO Una Voce per Padre Pio.

“Now, however, there are still 74 other cases, another 74 children to be transferred and helped, otherwise destined to become little angels! There are many expenses to be faced: plane tickets, expenses for the stay in Italy, expenses for medical treatment, calculating that the very young children must be accompanied by their mother.

We are asking for your help, friend and benefactor, to adopt this Rebel Heart! Help us realize this small miracle… The cost of the intervention, around € 30,000.00, is borne by our Ministry of Health. The following will remain at our full expense: flights, hospitality (food and accommodation) during periods outside of hospitalization. These costs are estimated at €5,000.00. Support us by making a donation and adopting a Rebel Heart. Become the godfather/godmother of this little angel, whom you can follow, meet and know all the way here in Italy and concretely feel your help and support given. Let’s help them!! these rebel hearts need you!” – points out.

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Reason: Adoption of Rebel Heart

Tuesday 26 July 2022

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