The 13 best cheap furniture sites for the home

Furnishing is often tiring due to budget issues and transportation from the store to the home. Choosing to shop online when it comes to furniture can solve both problems. Here are 13 sites where you can buy low budget furniture…

To decorate homeyou know, it is a very difficult task, because above all two things must match, which are not always connected: wishes And budget available. We often have ideas very aware of what to buy and how to arrange things, but when we find ourselves in front shopping cart our aspirations collide with reality. In this case, we inevitably find ourselves falling back on shopping Ikea.

furniture spacesSo if you find yourself in this situation but you don’t want to limit your taste to the proposals from Swedish colossushere is a list of 13 locations of furniture to direct your attention to:

ikea alternatives

1. Sly

The variety of choices is not his strength, but the relationship quality price that’s for sure winner. There delivery is free for orders above 180 euros and the portal recommended especially for shopping concerningoutdoor furniture (chairs, armchairs, tables). Some interesting suggestions also withinlightingfrom the most modern to ceiling lamps and classic lampshades.

dim light

2. Home24

That website is full and also includes an interesting section dedicated to interior design tips such as tips on how place there TV or how to choose couch. Extensive section dedicated to substances and accessories divided by categories, including that of cans and organizer for i drawers. The “bedrooms” section is also very well organized. The committee of choice of prices it is decidedly broad, from cheap furniture to even higher investments 700 euros.

home 24

3. Trade shop

This is definitely one furniture space for the home, which offers many solutions a advantageous prices. It will be necessary to be particularly active within Research to find the one that suits you best. During the sale, it will be possible to access the advantageous section “on sale“, where all the categories are loaded without distinction and you can therefore quickly find the machine for making fresh pasta, a table and an LED ceiling lamp.

cheap furniture

4. Jutland

Solution ideal for those who have to furnish their corner of smart work. In the main navigation menu, there is actually a space dedicated solely to interior design from office. Although it is already a site in particular economic for purchases in connection withfurniturealso has an additional section “power outlet“. To be held in strong regard for those who are always on the lookout for new ones offer and can afford to wait for the right time to complete them shopping.

online furniture

5. The farmhouse

To take advantage of free delivery a minimum spend of 300 euros is required, a rather high average. That website however, it has the advantage of presenting itself very well, with sections well organizeda particularly interesting one dedicated to trends. Economy is not exactly the first distinctive feature, especially in the precious section dedicated to feces. The cheapest one in the catalog starts at approx 40 euros and some, without special peculiarities, even touch 400 euros. The section dedicated to rattan furniture.

rattan furniture

6. Zara Home

Could not miss in our selection the quote of the portal of Zara dedicated to home. His is a decidedly beautiful portal and with slides that make the complements furniture suggested. It remains in my opinion a place where it rewards him shopping in the store rather than that online. But if you know the products, you can use the excellent navigation structure to make some shoppinglike those of smellwhich in my opinion represents a strong point by Zara home.

Zara home

7. Casanova

A real “well of St. Patrick” for those who are interior design home, he recently moved into one new house, must give a gift to friends who have gone home. It covers all possible choices withinfurniture and it is present in almost everyone shopping malls, big and small; also his side of Online shopping is well organized, and in the period with sales you will find unavoidable offers from Household appliances on linens. Free shipping on orders over 30 EUR time for delivery included in 6 days. There is also the possibility of pick up in store within 2 hours of ordering the goods.

kasanova online interior design

8. CasaShops

The well-known Belgian brand “Home“Is one of the greatest resources for those seeking valuable accepts of furniture a affordable prices. Despite also in this case Store is a fundamental part of Casa’s business, the portal it works very well. For website dedicated to online shopping di Casa there is also a section where you can buy products that are only available to those who buy in network. In this section we find everything from Forehead to blankets.

home store

9. Primark

The Italian openings of Irish brand they registered enthusiasm skyrocketing among consumers. Mostly known forclothing (for him, for her and for the children), the section of household products it is a valuable resource. Stay tuned for the episode offer especially for blankets, towels And linen. There is a very curious place for fans of stationery.

shopping primark home

10. Miliboo

It is a e-commerce French, but as a style it leaves no regrets Ikea dependent. They deliver 5 days work and combinations are very advantageous, such as seats or beach chairthat you buy in pairs without having to go back to budget in an exhausting way.

miliboo furniture

11. H&M Home

Even the clothing line most loved by those with a strong taste without the pretensions of exclusive brands lands on the market forinterior design. Purchase proposals are divided by rooms: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, bedrooms, exterior. Every section has its own subsections. Very tasty it off kitchen aprons inside, of course, the section dedicated to furniture for kitchens.

h&m at home

12. Maison Du Monde

Again, for the well-known French brand, the appearance of savings is not predominant, but the particularity of choice it’s a lot exciting. They can also be booked here counseling from furnitureor fill in some quiz which helps the site prepare a profile of yours preferences. Shipping is also free for products of value €5 and there is i Homepage a large showcase dedicated to offer.

e-commerce furniture

13. Bonus price

The German company specializes in the sale of clothing. Like Zara, H&M and Primark too Bonus price gave the green light for the sale of products for furniture. Wide selection and truly unavoidable prices for the entire section dedicated to tents.

Bonprix curtains

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