STEM4 Naples, nanotechnology explained to children

Nanotechnologies explained to children and teenagers to bring them closer to core subjects, scientific disciplines. Thus begins the project VOTE4 Napoli promoted by La Compagnia dei Figliuoli, the association that relaunched Il Nuovo Bianchi and the Istituto Scuole Pie Napoletane in Naples.

The project was presented in Naples on the occasion of the laboratory “Nano Piccerella” organized in collaboration with the Accademia di Gagliato Globale, where scientists and practical experts helped children and young people between the ages of 6 and 15 to approach nanotechnologies and sciences.

STEM4Napoli, this is how the project works

The STEM4Napoli project – declares the president of La Compagnia dei Figliuoli Carmine Esposito – was born to bring children closer to science subjects from an early age and thus provide more professional opportunities as adults. Naples is now a global point of reference for talent, also thanks to the commitment of our universities from Federico II, and it is important that the world of education does its part.

The company Figliuoli was established to provide equal access to high-standard education while promoting civic education, respect for the environment, coexistence between families of diverse backgrounds and neighborhoods; we did it successfully by relaunching Il Nuovo Bianchi from 2019 and relaunching Istituto Scuole Pie from 2021. The relaunch of Napoli also goes through the school and we want to do our part. And we do this both with regular activities and with workshops and integrative initiatives such as the one on environmental education arranged with Marevivo”.

The day opened with the boys’ meeting with the scientist Mauro Ferrari, Italian academic bioengineer and researcher, mainly engaged in research in nanotechnologies and in biotechnology applied in medicine. Compagnia dei Figliuoli is the non-profit association created to relaunch in 2018, in collaboration with the Grimaldi Foundation, the educational activity started by the Bianchi Institute when the Barnabitte fathers, who for over 150 years had run the educational institution, they have chosen to hand over management to the association. And since 2021, the Istituto Scuole Pie Napoletane di Fuorigrotta, an institution founded by the Piarist Fathers in 1954 and successfully carried out until this school year, has been entrusted to La Compagnia dei Figliuoli.