School and young people, it is right to remember Mia Filippone, but not only in words

Politics and territory, the local administration and its distance from the city. In the columns of this newspaper Don Luigi Merola launched a proposal for successful entrepreneurs and men of culture in Naples: “Let us unite, let us create a movement and let us take the field and understand politics as the highest form of Christian charity, as a commitment to the true redemption of Naples”. An appeal born from the observation that the problems in the city are many and always the same for years, a sign of the inefficiency of those who were supposed to manage public affairs, guarantee services to citizens, rights of adults and children and did not.

The politics and the territory, the local administration and its distance from the city, we said. A distance that is often great, too much. Yesterday, in the municipal council in Naples, she reminds herself My Filippone, Deputy mayor and councilor for education died on July 16 last. His institutional experience was short, but sufficient to demonstrate how that distance can actually be reduced, if desired, how competence can be combined with political commitment, presence and listening with the spirit of initiative. And this is a legacy that Neapolitan administrators should remember and remember for the future. That would mean filling in the nice words that were used yesterday morning Hall of the Baronswith concrete facts, effective engagement for citizens, guarantee of services, listening and solving problems.

From superintendents to the border priests, from association people to the student world, from culture to the entrepreneurial sector, the appreciation of the competence, the generosity, the seriousness of My Filippone. In a desert of ideas and projects, she had shown that she had both. Then he wanted to discuss it, but he had it. And that’s because, in addition to his personality, there was definitely competence. Here is the competence. A word that should be the key word for future politics. Mia Filippone was a teacher before becoming a head teacher, she was dean of the Marie Curie Technical and Technological Institute in San Giovanni a Teduccio and then of the Genovesi and Sannazzaro high schools in the heart of Naples, and she has seen and known up close all the realities that is the synthesis of this city, the suburbs and its center.

Now it must be expected that his projects and ideas will not be wasted, abandoned, forgotten, but elaborated and made a reality. Only then would the words the mayor said yesterday really make sense Gaetano Manfredi. “There was a great wave of love after his death, the many people I met these days told me: Mia was here, Mia suggested this, Mia said this … – recalled the mayor – Mia he had the ability to unite opposite worlds, the Naples of the suburbs and the city center Mine was, indeed it is – he added – the perfect synthesis of the city, very present everywhere, in associations and voluntary work as well as in schools. He played the role of deputy very well, and his was a great loss, which, however, should not only make us suffer, but also make us aware that the legacy he leaves us is great. It is necessary to continue his ability to listen and dialogue, and it will be the administration’s obligation to continue his example ».

And it is hopeful, otherwise it will be word on the wind, it will be another revolution announced and never implemented, another slap in the face to the city and its best performers. Naples it needs people who know how to walk among the people, who know how to observe and experience the territory in all its diversity and complexity. Naples needs politicians who know how to put the good of the city before party logic, understood as a commitment to make the city livable, safer and with services available to the citizen, from school to transport and so on. In short, something very different from anything that has been in recent years.

Neapolitan, with a degree in economics and a master in marketing and communication, she has been a professional journalist since 2007. For Il Riformista, she deals with justice and economics. Expert in crime and judicial news, she worked in the editorial office of the newspaper Cronache di Napoli and then collaborated with national newspapers (Il Mattino, Il Sole 24 Ore) and press agencies (TMNews, Askanews).

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