Save the Children project

A place dedicated to parents and children from 0 to 6 years old, where you can carry out educational activities, workshops and thematic meetings with professionals, offer services to families, carry out activities for early childhood and parenting. This is what hub San Paolo 0-6 proposes to do in Bari, promoted by Save the Children, the international organization that has fought for over 100 years to save boys and girls and guarantee them a future, and by the Municipality of Bari, which will be launched in the San Paolo district in the Kindergarten “Don Milani”.

The project, selected by the Agency for Territorial Cohesion and financed for an amount of 490,000 euros, intends to carry out integrated, coordinated and multidisciplinary interventions for the benefit of boys and girls up to 6 years of age and to improve the kindergarten’s educational offer. “Don Milani” in San Paolo, structuring a citizen model for integrated and widespread educational intervention with infant and toddler centers, kindergartens, pediatricians and all public and private social actors in the area.

The municipal administration commits itself, with a decision of the council, to support the project “San Paolo 0-6: to experiment with a community of care”, to expand the education and care offer and to guarantee free access to various services, such as daily education. activities for boys and girls between 12 and 36 months, educational activities and widespread workshops for children between 0 and 6 years, outdoor education, accompanying activities for future mothers’ social and health services (consultants, ASL, paediatrician), actions support for parenthood, guidance , accompaniment to local services and support for the care of themselves and their children, consultancy with professionals (pediatricians, nutritionists, legal entities, etc.), personalized efforts to respond to the emergencies of children and most vulnerable girls.

The two-year project, which will be officially launched during the 2022/23 school year, also plans to develop a protection system (SdT) for the kindergarten “Don Milani” and for the education services of the municipality of Bari III. is to prevent and minimize the risk of inappropriate behavior that may harm the rights of girls and boys and to equip the “Don Milani” school with all possible measures to prevent such behavior from any adult.

“Coordinated interventions in health, early education and social protection with the active involvement of families, if carried out in the first years of boys’ and girls’ lives, build the foundations of cognitive and non-cognitive, emotional and relational skills, declares Raffaella Milan, director of Save the Children’s Italy-Europe programs -. Thanks to the joint work of the Don Milani School, the Municipality of Bari, the Department of Education Policies, Municipality III and the project partner associations, it will be possible to guarantee an integrated management which aims to hold together and coordinate the educational, cultural, social and health aspects of the project actions.

This methodology with a high level of territorial integration is achieved through the involvement of the network of socio-health and educational services, but also of the different territorial realities that operate locally, including projects already rooted in the reference territory, institutions, urban community networks, of active citizenship, volunteers and Save the Children projects already present in Bari”.

“We are proud to have arrived first in Italy with our project and to be able to create the first public kindergarten in the San Paolo district – comments the councilor for education and youth policies Paola Romano -. Creating spaces for childcare is one of the goals we care about the most because it represents the best investment for the future. We have a very broad plan to build 9 new nurseries, two of which are in San Paolo, a neighborhood where there is no public structure, but at the same time we believe that the design with the realities of the third sector and with schools represents a great opportunity to create new services and innovate. This service, which over two years will allow us to involve around 250 minors, will allow us to receive children between 12 and 36 months and at the same time activate valuable services for parents, such as psychological support or parent education. a significant strengthening of the kindergarten”.

“IC Don Milani from Bari, who has always been involved in accompanying and supporting families, has collected and interpreted the specific needs and requests of the territory and decided to dedicate some rooms in the Via Trentino complex to project activities for the global and integrated care of boys and girls that the Hub San Paolo 06 project promotes – observes the leader Zoraide Cappabianca -. We are happy to open the doors of our school to partner associations to guarantee the children of the San Paolo district a space dedicated to the growth of parental awareness, to early educational care, to the coordinated social commitment of all institutions. This is a great opportunity for the families at our school. We confirm our commitment to support the activities of the project to carry out concrete actions to combat educational poverty”. The San Paolo 0-6 hub sees the participation of Bari Municipality, Save the Children, IC Don Lorenzo Milani APS in partnership with Mama Happy Centro Servizi Famiglie Welenti, Social Cooperative Occupation and Solidarity, University of Bologna and the Cultural Association of Pediatricians.

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