On holiday with children, 7 things to do and see in Courmayeur

Relax at high altitude by discovering the secrets of the mountain and learn to recognize and appreciate the gifts that nature offers us. Courmayeur, at the foot of Mont Blanc, is a destination that gives the little ones high altitude sensations with fun and dynamic sports, but also moments of play, discovery of nature and rest

Escape from the scorching heat? During a vacation, there is nothing better than escaping to the mountains with your children. For them the discovery of a new landscape to be explored, for parents the opportunity to find relaxation and balance. Mountain biking, golf, horses, outdoor games and even a beauty farm for the little ones. Here you are Courmayeur, the last Italian city before the French border.

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps in Italy and France. A wonder from a naturalistic point of view with its valleys, its glaciers, its endless granite spiers and countless glaciers.

Here are 7 things to do in summer with your kids at the foot of Mont Blanc.

Skyway Mont Blanc

Climb up to 3466 meters, a Punta Helbronner with children can be done. It is the highest point in Italy and of course needs some precautions for the little ones. Admiring the heights is undoubtedly worth it alpine peaksthat perennial glacierto breathe the clean air and admire one unparalleled panorama.

If you go up, you can also stop at Pavillon, 2173 meters above sea level. Here you can find a botanical garden, a children’s playground and the tranquility of the mountains.

Choose Ferret

In summer, Var Ferret, the winter kingdom of cross-country skiing, becomes the favorite destination for lovers trekking, hiking, cycling, golf and sport fishing. There are different trails and specific activities dedicated to children, including courses for beginners. In summer, young and old can use the mountain bike trails, try sport fishing or even test your skills at the Courmayeur et Grandes Jorasses Golf Club, or immerse yourself in nature on one of the many nature trails or excursions that lead to the refuges. . Along the valley there are numerous restaurants to enjoy the typical taste of the mountain.

From Var Ferret you can admire many suggestive landscapes: in addition to the majesty of Mont Blanc, Dente del Gigante, Grandes Jorasses, Aiguille de Triolet and Mont Dolent.

whale ferret

Val Veny

Val Veny opens in the heart of the Mont Blanc massif and stretches with very different landscapes from Entrèves to the Col de La Seigne on the border with France. Therefore, not only trekking, Val Veny can become an extraordinary place of discovery for your children who, in addition to the alpine landscape, will be able to discover churches and castles and become craftsmen for a day.

At the beginning of Val Veny there is Shrine of Notre-Dame de Guérison, a place of worship thanks to the miraculous fame of the Virgin. In winter it can only be visited using the ski lifts.

There are also many laboratory activities, both craft, where children transform into“Craftsmen for a Day”up to thematic workshops in museums, related to art or history, to activities related to nature or even holidays or other special events.

For history lovers, or to learn it in a fun way, Val Veny offers tall towers, impressive fortresses dominating the heights surrounded by majestic mountains and elegant historic houses that transform the landscape into a fairy tale. Then there are old mines dug by humans in the interior of the earth, where you can discover the secrets of the miners and the minerals; interactive museums that can interest even the little ones depending on their abilities; parks and nature reserves where you can get to know the area and have fun outdoors; structures where you can learn about mountain flora and fauna, appreciate the beauty of nature and respect the environment that surrounds us and many fun educational initiatives to discover local traditions, tastes and crafts.

Adventure parks are inextricably linked with nature, where you can climb trees, cross Tibetan bridges and venture high up.

select vein

Saussurea Botanical Garden

Also in the mountains plants have their own history and above all their legends. Once upon a time there was a young couple, very much in love. Her husband used to climb mountains to gather herbs and hunt marmots. But the mountain does not always bring home those who decide to climb it. And so it was that the young man never returned. His wife, worried, went to look for him and found her husband between two ice floes, sadly lifeless. It was impossible for her to approach him for a last caress, and so she stopped on a jutting stone, looked at him and wept, soaking her eyelashes and hair with tears. The sun, the moon, and the stars went down, and when morning came again, the young woman’s face was covered with frost, so thick that it looked like thick silvery hair. The girl never wanted to go back to her life. And so it was that the young woman was transformed into the beautiful flower that is there Edelweiss. For this reason, edelweiss is a rare species that grows on rocks in places that are difficult to reach. Its collection is prohibited because the species is threatened with extinction.

The Saussurea Foundation is a non-profit organization of social benefit, a non-profit organization based in Courmayeur, Pavillon du Mont Fréty. The Foundation aims to promote, encourage and disseminate naturalistic research, with particular reference to the Aosta Valley and the Mont Blanc area.

That Saussurea’s Botanical Garden extends over 7000 square meters and is located in Pavillon, 2173 meters above sea level. in height.

botanical jug

Fun Park Dolonne

Fun Park Dolonne in Courmayeur is one playground suitable for children and adults approx. 1 km from the city center. In summer it offers: trampolines, acro-bungee (structure for jumping and acrobatics), inflatables, Tyrolean pulley, snake track for soft donuts, track for electric mini-quads.

Park stamp

Play area on Park stamp it is located in the upper part of Courmayeur and covers an area of ​​about 700 square meters. The floor is a mixture of bark and molded rubber and the playground is divided into two areas, one dedicated to the smallest (from +1 to 8 years) and the other dedicated to the older ones (from 8 years).

Game: Supernova, Rock-it and Starsurfer: three multifunctional structures to increase balance and coordination while having fun, suitable for individual and/or group play. The little ones, on the other hand, can have fun with the structures, always multifunctional, with animal and flower themes.

Supernova – A huge rotating ring divided into 7 zones that invites children to experiment with new and innovative forms of play.

Fire it off – A game that develops cooperation and motivation in older children, which will be able to strengthen upper body skills and muscles, often little used for the many hours spent sitting.

Starsurfer – It is a game to explore and develop balance and coordination skills thanks to its many functions. A sense of balance is key to all other motor skills, and the swing platform allows multiple children to swing and play together.


The hot air balloon and a night in a high-altitude tent

Children ready for a thousand adventures immersed in the nature of Mont Blanc with the most diverse experiences: from bicycle tours to raftingthe trip to Chamonix at Mer de Glacei.e trekkingthat riding lessons and ridingthat art track in the mountains and even the experience of one night in a tent or a balloon flight.

And finally relaxation. Even for children. A beauty farm for the little ones can only be a game. Perhaps even instructive. In short, able to learn the basic rules to take care of themselves, but also useful to discover properties and curiosities of some elements in nature which can help our body not so much to be more beautiful, but to live healthier.

All this proposed by the Le Massif structure, which has created a real beauty farm for children with treatments designed especially for them. Honey, flowers, chocolate, sweet almond oil. First of all, get to know nature and then use it to play in a real beauty farm.

beauty farm

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