Innovation, fiber optics and clean energy in homes: the first Italian Smart District is born in Milan

(Teleborsa) – In the center of the Milan of the future there is UpTownthe first Italian smart district to develop thanks to the collaboration between EuroMilano And Open Fiber SpA Here, innovation is the key to guaranteeing the residents’ quality of life and not just a gadget. The residential area offers a technologically advanced environment that unites the concept “Smart District“to guarantee that residents and visitors always have digital environments at their disposal that simplify everyday life at work as well as in their free time.

To ensure all this is required network reliable telecommunications, ultra fast, widespread and accessible to all. Therefore, all buildings and apartments in UpTown are born already connected thanks to the collaboration with Open Fiber, which has connected the entire district since its inception, guaranteeing extremely easy access to services digital innovative through partner operators.

Open Fiber is the leading network infrastructure operator FTTH (Fiber To The Home fiber up to home) in Italy and one of the biggest leaders in Europe. To date, the company with its network has reached over 14 million between homes, companies and offices in the public administration. Around 4,000 small municipalities and 220 cities can already make use of the digital services available on the ultra-fast network through the commercial offers of the partner operators.

UpTown is actually the first district in Italy already fully connected with FTTH optical fiber, a record also tied for size of the network as part of an urban renewal project promoted and financed by a private operator. The new center, easily connected to the rest of the city Milan and to the whole world two other major networks join the fiber optic network – geothermal summer cooling and winter district heating – making it a link avant-garde with infrastructural solutions linked to comfort and quality of life, created with particular emphasis on the theme of environmental sustainability. In order to reduce polluting emissions, the district is also completely carbon-free and does not use gas for sanitation or food use.

All of this responds to a precise philosophy from urban development of real estate, where regeneration and redevelopment are central: in UpTown, connectivity is not a plus, but a basic requirement like water and electricity. The result is a neighborhood where no gas is used, but optical fiber is guaranteed to everyone at home: zero emissions, 100% digital.

“In our opinion, a smart city is the sum of all the services and actions that guarantee quality of life, environmental safety, speed and efficiency of mobility – he declares Valeria Lorenzelli, district manager UpTown – To do this, technology is not enough, we need a development vision that holds the idea of ​​urban life together in all its levels, from the house to the condominium, from the neighborhood to the city. On the basis of everything, however, it is important to have a cutting-edge digital infrastructure, fast, reliable and widespread. That’s why the UpTown project site envisions creating a connectivity network that brings optical fiber to the park, to the condominium facilities, and to all the apartments. Open Fiber is the partner that from the beginning has shown to share and support this vision, which today is becoming a reality”.

“Open Fiber’s ultra-broadband infrastructure – he points out Savior Smiriglia, Field Manager of Open Fiber – will allow citizens and businesses in UpTown to benefit from innovative digital services such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, online streaming, home automation or video surveillance thanks to low latency and high speed technology. Services that have become indispensable after the pandemic, such as smart work and distance learning, but also all the digital solutions still unpublished that will be able to develop thanks to future-proof technology. We thank EuroMilano for the commitment shown in the support of our FTTH fiber installation project during the construction phase of the district. Innovation, sustainability and the social dimension are the cornerstones of the project that Open Fiber is implementing to equip the entire country with a latest generation ultra-fast network”.

(Telebourse) 27-07-2022 12:50

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