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3 million students have left high school within the last 20 years, and according to an MIUR elaboration, in 2019 there were around 17,000 candidates outside the state exam, with a percentage of not admitted corresponding to 80%. Dramatic figures regarding school dropout, a phenomenon at the heart of the national reform programme, with 1.5 billion allocated to try to curb it. Minister Bianchi has already signed the decree with the first 500 million for interventions in the 12-18 age group.

Innova, the platform of the Janus Training Institute, was also designed to combat this phenomenon. From lectures to study texts to exam preparation throughout Italy, Innova is the first platform designed for high school graduates, designed for digital natives, operating with an innovative method and providing over 10,000 hours of online lessons. The “Innova” platform is completely dedicated to innovation: fast, intuitive and flexible, mobile first and fully responsive. In fact, the new digital school for Janus arises because of the urgency to provide a cutting-edge, integrated and multimedia tool to deliver an innovative teaching offer and updated through the widest range of devices (PCs, smartphones and tablets), to truly put yourself on the side of the students and their needs. There LMS platform – Learning Management System – “Innova” was developed on a training model that favorsautonomy and adaptation of the path: available 24 hours a day, contains all educational materials, allows you to create a personal study plan and offers various features including assessment tests, recorded lectures, webinars and exercises, tutoring and orientation, simulations and online PCTO. That project does not leave students with specific needs behind (Attention Deficit, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia), offers them dedicated courses. In fact, learning is a versatile experience that involves the person from different points of view: for this reason, they have been prepared at the beginning of the school year Live webinars held by trained psychologiststo teach students how to organize their time and how to deal with any moments of anxiety and stress.

Pietro Dipalo, manager and entrepreneur in the education sector with extensive experience in the world of training and e-learning 3.0, is the founder of this innovative project.

According to your analysis, what is the reason for the strong school dropout rate of the last twenty years?

The phenomenon of school dropouts in Italy is a real social emergency that is not talked about much. Around three and a half million pupils have dropped out of secondary school since 1995. In 2020, 13.1% of young people aged 18 to 24 dropped out of school early, compared to a European average of 9.9%. The reasons for the phenomenon are due to a combination of factors, including social, territorial and gender differences, which are added to the shortcomings of traditional education, of its organization, lack of flexibility. Studies are interrupted as young people for various reasons: personal, economic, family and social, but the phenomenon of school dropout only increases and worsens the inequalities that already exist in our society: it limits employment opportunities, increases the risk of unemployment, poverty, health problems, reduced social inclusion and people’s participation in political, social and cultural activities.

How can “Innova” intervene to address this problem?

Online training has experienced strong growth in recent years, also following the needs of the pandemic. This is thanks to the greater flexibility and adaptation of study paths that the online school allows. The Innova platform proposed by the Janus Higher Training Institute fits into this context, as it not only allows you to complete your studies and recover lost years in a flexible and personal way, but also to acquire an effective work and study methodology. Innova’s distance learning allows for the personalization of study plans, which is impossible for a traditional face-to-face school.

How does the Innova project fit into the Janus Institute’s overall proposal?

Innova is the digital platform developed on a truly valid preparation methodology that allows you to obtain a complete and quality education: the courses are organized and well-structured, they promote active learning, which provides the necessary flexibility for students to achieve the study goals. Innova makes learning agile, turning studying into an engaging and interactive experience, for a form of learning based on the quality of the time dedicated to studying and not on quantity.

What are the characteristics of Innova that differentiate the project from the offer of solutions for students already on the market?

Innova is an intuitive and simple platform that facilitates learning with video lessons, webinars, recorded lessons and exercises. It makes it easy to self-assess member progress, plan activities, receive notifications, enjoy audio and video contributions, speaking lessons, simulations and interactive exercises. There is no such thing on the market today. Janus online school allows you to experience studying in an engaging way, which guarantees a pleasant learning experience. The students will be the protagonists of their educational course, they will be involved in a training course structured as a class activity to recognize their skills, their attitudes and orient themselves with better tools even in the choice of the next course of study or professional.

How do you think the school system should change to better respond to changes in society and the new needs of students?

Each person has their own story and specific study needs that traditional school often does not meet. Indeed, this requires a revision of the roles, of the technologies used in education and innovation in general, as has already happened in many other sectors, adapting to new times and new needs. Digital teaching, on the other hand, makes learning agile, which can be done without moving and interactively.

How much does it cost per student for a school year?

Our courses have variable costs according to the individual student’s needs. They are tailored and personal in all aspects: training plan, goals, duration, schedules, exercises and methodology. We offer three enrollment plans with different functionalities and whose costs vary from 1,900 to 5,000 euros depending on the student’s needs.

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