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It is the small historic center of Baschi that forms the background new video clip of the band “Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti”, will be released on July 28 on the group’s official YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/39vsSRi3-UU). And it is the country’s children and elderly, therefore normal people and not professional actors, who are the main characters in this work directed by director Francesco Cordio.
“The Children Over There”, taken from the latest album “Sottomondi”, it is embellished by singer Lisa Maroni’s soft and delicate voice. The song symbolizes the place of innocence and tells the underworld of childhood between sexual abuse and child soldiers, exploitation of children and degrading living conditions that can be found even under the house without going that far.
But the song is also a prayer, a request for forgiveness from adults for the violence done to children. In the video clip, you can see the lyrics of the song against the light and masterfully grasp the essence of the conflict between adults and children, in the metaphorical challenge between a couple of older dancers ready to abuse and one of trembling children in search of a balance between dance and the meaning of life while the music continues like on the Titanic before it sinks.

An important issue, that of children’s denied rights, who convinced the director himself to shoot the video clip in the suggestive medieval streets of the small Umbrian town of Baschi, home of the Baschi Festival of Rights – Human Rights International Film Festival, which takes placein this village between Orvieto and Todi from August 4 to 7 next, and it will host the official presentation of the video on the festival’s opening day, scheduled for Thursday, August 4 at 21.00.
The event will also be an opportunity for listen to the band live, for a live electroacoustic quartet, where the other songs will be presented of the new album Sottomondi and a collection of historical songs.

MUSIC, travel, the public, parties in the squaresthey are air, fuel for The Heavy Clouds, which made live concerts one of the most magical, unstoppable and exciting moments in the band’s history.
THE LIVE, brought to important stages, both nationally (May Day, Tenco Award, Sanremo Rock) and internationally (New York, Baghdad, Fortaleza, London, Berlin, Lisbon, Prague, Budapest), it is a crossroads of sounds and texts, of irony and joy, mixed with theatrical moments and unpredictable follies capable of involving the public in wild dances and choruses. A life that is also able to make us reflect on our time and provide dreamlike suggestions.
THE NEW CONCERT gives life to an original metissage of rock and world music, capable of giving a thousand implications to the Mediterranean tradition and new space to the songwriting, stimulating the joy of listening and the desire to shake the body.
THE SONGS live are those from the new album Sottomondi, including Niente Ninna per uomo ne ‘, Naturaleza viva, Il strada calabozen and L’ignoranza è fisse, where the band talks about a kaleidoscopic and voiceless humanity, about children, women, immigrants and marginalized, through songs and music used to live, resist and even change. But there is no shortage of historical songs from the first albums like Onda Calabra, Imperatore, Riturnella, Lupu, Ciani and more recent songs like Men traveling, La nave dei poeni, Vento di scirocco.

Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti has so far released 13 albumsthat makes use of important collaborations between artists and writers, including that with Fabrizio Moro, Claudio Lolli, Roy Paci, Teresa De Sio, Tony Canto, Carlo Lucarelli, Carmine Abate and Vito Teti.
His music mixes different styles and languages, from the early Mediterranean ethno-rock, through the songwriting, to the original world music embraced in the latest album Sottomondi.
Among the successful songs of the Calabrian/Bolognese bandwe note Onda Calabra, the soundtrack of Qualunquemente, a film by Antonio Albanese, which obtained the nomination for best song by David di Donatello, the Giorgio nomination for the Amnesty International Award and The Emperor, considered among the thousand most representative songs in history. Italian song.
But the Parto project goes beyond music. In the theater we remember Roccu u Stortu and Slum and in the cinema Doichlanda, I colori dell’abbandono and Alèteia. Also of importance are the cultural projects, including The Identity Suitcase with the theme of emigration and Terre di Musica – Journey through the assets confiscated from the mafia, realized in collaboration with Libera, which testify to the band’s strong social commitment.

Salvatore De Siena – vocals, guitar, tambourines
Amerigo Sirianni – electric guitar, mandolin
Antonio Rimedio – keyboard, accordion and winds
Enzo Ziparo – classical and swing guitar

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