“Good school with unprepared teachers who don’t know how to use a PC?” A leader’s outburst against the politicians: “I hope the hands of those who vote for you fall. Unconscious!”

“Bad school. I hope the hands of those who vote for you fall. Unconscious!”. Not for thin Maria De Biase, headmistress of a school in Cilento, Campania.

In a post written on her Facebook profile, the principal, who is no stranger to strong initiatives, all inspired by an agonizing love for the school and for the students’ learning, addresses the politicians with very harsh words: You have cut, without mercy , the teaching staff – writes principal De Biase – foresees, for the new school year, ineffective multiclasses, in the presence of numerous students with support and others in serious difficulties ”. And again: “You have cut the administrative stuff, and we can’t even guarantee the general. Unconscious“. It also has something about the cuts to school partners. “You have drastically reduced the number of school partners – he clarifies – to put the opening in September of a complex at risk. Among other things, many of our partners benefit from Act 104, others have reduced tasks”. The principal wanted to write and publish his I accuse as a last resort after doing everything to get what the school needs: “I called, wrote, explained… I asked for the alms of understanding“, points out. “Nothing to do. I am the director of the ministry, and at best I have to manage the school with the human resources I have available“. Then the final push, with the worst wish for those who would reapply at the next upcoming election: “In the meantime, you have guaranteed your annuities. Bad school. I hope the hands of those who vote for you fall.”.

Maria De Biase is the headmistress of a school in Cilento, and it cannot be said that she does not have clear ideas and that she is afraid to say what she thinks, we wrote in this newspaper some time ago in an article. “He made his school an example of how the educational offer can be at the service of a healthier and more environmentally responsible society. He introduced the synergistic vegetable garden, the repair and restoration laboratory for local traditions, composting and eco-snack (bread and oil prepared at school), his school collects the oil used to make soap: for these his projects he won Agri Civic Awards in Turin in 2013 and later the European Citizen Award 2014, directly from the European Parliament. Declaring himself a “down-to-earth” manager, he expressed his idea and his idea of ​​the Renzi reform at the time in an interview with Retenews24.

Now he takes on politics and politicians. But he also has clear ideas about the teachers, who, according to him, are not always up to the task. “The reform – he explained in the comment from Buona Scuola – has lost an opportunity, he said and did not give much space to teacher educationwho are often “lazy, idle, inept and incompetent“And asks” Why is there so much fear the thought of those who are unable to change jobs?” And again: “How can I make a good school if the teachers I have available are not prepared, they don’t know how to use a PC, they refuse to attend courses? What a good school if a large group of teachers fell ill for the longest and hardest days, sending classes into disarray? What do I do with professors who shamelessly admit they can’t stand students, define them as subjects, elements, never call them by name because they don’t deserve that much trust? And if I timidly give myself the opportunity to choose a valid all on the rector, who will be master, sheriff, mayor”.

He admits that teachers earn little, but “it is also true that they are the only workers (excluding teachers engaged in high school exams) who enjoy 60 days of summer vacation. An unspeakable taboo. Why not set aside half of these days for mandatory training? Other than bonuses. For a month everyone went to school, universities, accredited centers to study, to review their way of being teachers, to rethink their work, including managers. Some have gentile and legal ideas and principles that they claim to apply in today’s school. And the European standards? And the new knowledge?”

Principal De Biase insists a lot on training: “I think most teachers are.” very deficient from the point of view of initial formation and over the years their formation becomes non-existent. They are old employees, tired, angry and depressed. You become a teacher with enormous sacrifices, sometimes with decades of uncertainty. This sanctifies the teachers and makes them immune to any criticism. They have worked so hard and now woe to those who touch them. Many teachers enter school at the age of twenty with the usual apprenticeship, e.g in 40 they pretend to continue teaching without updating, many of them also refuse to read an article, a reflection, a trade journal, do enormous damage, feel untouchable. In recent months there has been a lot of talk about the school, and the debate has primarily focused on the teachers’ rights, but what about the students? Are they subject to a lesser right? Or do they need solid, prepared, calm, attentive teachers willing to take care of them?”

What about your senior colleagues? “After several years of training, they come to fill a role that they often do not know how to manage, they tend to only guarantee general management”. “A positive aspect of Renzi’s reform? “The appointments. But also the bonus of 500 euros for teacher training, even if it is a small thing. I disagree with the tax breaks in favor of families who want to enroll their children in private schools and the liberal donations in favor of the public system. I put do not appreciate that the teaching of the Catholic religion has not been revised.” Now the outburst against politics, which according to him and to say of many would have neglected the school and its needs for too long.

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