Full speed ahead to bring the National School of Cinema to Matera! This is the latest news

Full speed ahead to bring the National School of Cinema to Matera, as repeated several times since Municipality of Matera and the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Romewho formally repeated it on several occasions, most recently Monday, July 25 in a memorandum sent jointly to the municipal administration and the Basilicata region.

In this note, in response to that of Mayor BennardiCSC confirms the desire to launch courses of “excellence and of the highest perspective” in Matera as described in the letter under review of the agreement e find an alternative location after the same Cinematographic School had announced the unsuitability of the rooms in the headquarters in Via Lazazzera and the absence of adequate security requirements.

It was after this notice of unfitness that the municipal administration decided to do so transfer the former Uniba headquarters to the local police headquarters.

It is read in the reply of 25 July regarding activation of expertise and a very high perspective as defined by CSC – (…):

“Dear Mayor, I confirm the maximum commitment of the Research Center itself to find areas of expertise and with the highest perspective that can be the subject of cooperation”.

Since taking office, the Bennardi administration has let it be known that “it has always considered strategic and fundamental investment in the audiovisual and cinematic creative industry through the formation of such a prestigious institution of higher education as CSC.

CSC confirms for its part, his greatest commitment to finding areas of expertise in the branch office in the city of Matera together with highly specialized modules, such as green shooting, environmental sustainability and the relationship between audiovisual languages ​​and the representation of landscape and nature, and declares itself ready to move forward with the development of the articulated and innovative project.

New inspections will soon be carried out by the CSC board in Matera to identify the most suitable property to house the new headquarters of the National School of Cinema, following those already carried out last March, after which the foundation had announced the lack of suitability of ​​the rooms in the headquarters in Via Lazazzera.

To this end, Matera Municipality has already moved forward an examination of its assets identify other prestigious buildings which could meet the functional and structural requirements for future teaching modules and the type of structures required by the foundation.

A common basis for the cohesion of intentions on the part of all the institutions involved, therefore without prejudice to the unchanged commitment of the Basilicata Region to allocate the necessary amounts for the operation of the Materana headquarters of the National School of Cinema during the first six years, relative amounts in relation to the performance of the didactic, administrative and managerial activity, as stipulated in the agreement.

The formalization of the loan is the last and fundamental step to allow Fund to quickly launch the National School of Cinema project in Materawhich is highly expected by the city and which will lead to economic consequences and growth in the cinematic and creative sector, not only in Matera but in the entire Lucanian territory.

He stated Mayor Bennardi:

“I hope that CSC’s clear response put an end to certain alarms and inaccuracies in my opinion contributing, the pandemic has slowed down the activation of the new training centers and locations of the Film School at national level, not only has it found it necessary to revise the training offer from the foundation and the same necessary places as well as the same conventions.

The next steps will be a new meeting in Matera that we are waiting for to evaluate alternative venuesa revision of the financial plan, of the educational offer based on the needs of the Research Center and a renewed support from the Basilicata region, calibrated on the basis of the new educational needs and on the new financial plan, the Municipality of Matera firmly believes that this option continues to offer maximum accessibility , as it has done so far.

With culture and film councilor Tiziana D’Oppido we also traveled to Rome for confirm maximum interest and commitment but it is necessary that at this time maximum teamwork between all the signatories of the protocol, in addition to the municipality, also the CSC and the Region of Basilicata ”.


(Court authorization no. 473)

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