The course involved 21 Pirelli motorcycle testers who received the qualification as Federal Instructors from FMI, a unique example in the sector

A project born of the desire for confrontation between Pirelli and FMI, which for some time has invested in safety and ongoing technical training of their staff

A joint project between Pirelli And Italian Motorcycle Federation which saw the tire company’s 21 motorcycle test riders return to the stands. Objective: Greater safety for those who are professional motorcyclists through a course organized in the Pirelli proving ground in Pergusa, where the test riders of the motorcycle test department followed the lessons of the Federmoto experts and obtained at the end of the course the qualification of Federal instructors, both on-road and off-road. A unique example in the sector and which confirms the greatest attention to safety from the Italian Motorcycle Federation and Pirelli.

The course, organized by Coordinator of the technical management of Federmoto and federal councilor Raffaele Prisco and held off FMI Federal Instructors Alex De Angelis (former MotoGP and Superbike rider) for driving on the road e Davide Degli Esposti (former Italian and European Supercross Champion) for the off-road, it was an opportunity for Pirelli and the Italian Motorcycle Federation to discuss working methods that led to mutual enrichment between motorcycle professionals.

Except Pennisi, Head of Testing Moto & Velo at Pirellicommented: “I would like to thank the Italian Motorcycle Federation and its President for this cooperation opportunity. The FMI teachers proved to be extremely prepared and skilled in conveying not simple concepts and subjects. The topics addressed proved not only very interesting, but also of immediate applicability, and it was equally useful to note how many parallels there were between our methodology and that of the Association. The test driver’s job is extremely demanding because it requires great attention and a constant level of concentration. With this course, which is part of the commitment that Pirelli has made in terms of sustainability and the constant work that the HR and HSE departments do with testing, there is now certainly a greater awareness of the best testing and testing practices elements that enrich our ongoing training Because it is important to know that the value of tires is also given by the investments that Pirelli makes in the name of sustainability and safety.

Giovanni Copioli, President of the IMFhe added: “I thank Pirelli for having wanted and strongly believed in this collaboration with the Italian Motorcycle Federation, which in my opinion is really profitable for both parties. Also thanks to these activities we are developing the “Italian system”, which I consider fundamental for the growth of our motorcycles from every point of view. We have found a strong unification of intentions and a great understanding both in the security goals to be achieved and in the criteria to be used to get more and more feedback in this regard. FMI wanted to provide Pirelli with a complete training experience at a high level given the skills of the test drivers, who are very well prepared both from a theoretical and a practical point of view. We strongly believe in the interaction with manufacturers, companies and organizations: the comparison is necessary to give a precise direction to our training projects, adapting them to the needs of a world, the motorcycle, in continuous development, not only from a technological point of view. see”.

Pirelli’s motorcycle testing department boasts 40 years of activity and is recognized as a reality of excellence at international level thanks to continuous technical training, but also to investments in safety and the close network of contacts with motorcycle manufacturers. Motorcycle test Pirelli has collaborated for over twenty years in the continuous development of airbag systems with the most important companies in the sector, and its testers were among the first in the world to introduce the airbag as a standard component of their safety equipment.

The activity of Pirelli’s motorcycle testing department produces 8,000 behavioral tests each year for a total of approximately 600,000 kilometers traveled. To achieve constant product quality, the testing department needs continuous technical and operational training, and Pirelli values ​​the people it employs, invests in active and passive safety, but also and above all in training.

The training courses of the Italian Motorcycle Federation held by the technical sector are developed in very in-depth theoretical and practical sessions. They are generally structured over three days, where the teaching is held in the classroom, on the square and on the road. The Pergusa facility was used exclusively for training and safe driving. During the theory, various topics were covered, including physics, motorcycle dynamics and first aid, and also cutting-edge topics such as motorcyclist physiology, psychology and biomechanics. All this given the specificity of the role of tester. In terms of practice, the sessions were adapted to the already excellent preparation of the Pirelli staff. The level of skill required and found in the exercises on the forecourt, aimed at excellent control of the bike, was very high, just as the hours of safe riding both on asphalt and off-road were particularly intense and at a high technical speed.

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