Endoscopic techniques and surgery. Modena teaches skull base surgery

Endoscopic lateral skull base surgery (Thieme Editions) is the title of the volume created by prof. Daniele Marchionidirector of Otorhinolaryngology at the AOU in Modena and by prof. Livio Presutti, former director of Oralaryngology in Modena, now at the AOU in Bologna. This is the first volume published on the subject dedicated to surgeons who want to learn this technique, where Modena has been a point of reference for years thanks to its casuistry at an international level.

The volume was created by two true masters of endoscopic and skull base surgery who have developed innovative transcanal approaches to the lateral skull base using the external auditory canal as a surgical corridor. This atlas is designed to teach and clarify new approaches to assisted endoscopic surgery of the lateral skull base.

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The text “Endoscopic lateral skull base surgery” was born from the ten years of experience of Professor Marchionis and the Modena/Verona group in the treatment of pathologies of the lateral skull base and from the surgical innovations prepared by the authors themselves in this complex surgical sector. It is emphasized that it is the first text on the subject in the literature and is the natural progression of the endoscopic technique from the ear in territories of the lateral skull base.

I would like to congratulate Prof. Marchioni and Prof. Presutti – commented General Manager Dr. Claudio Vagninifor their great work that has allowed them to develop innovative techniques right here in Modena. Thanks to their ability to build a strong and lasting school, our city has become an international reference center for both patients and young doctors.”

The publication of this volume represents a further confirmation of the quality of the research and teaching activities produced by the Modena Otolaryngology School. – confirms Prof. Pietro Torricellidirector of the department of imaging, representing the magnificent principal – represented by Prof. Marchioni and his predecessor Prof. Presutti, and is naturally a source of great satisfaction for our university. This work testifies once again how the excellence in teaching and research that Unimore strives for in all areas, especially in the medical-surgical disciplines of the clinical area, is based on a solid clinical assistance activity which is the prerequisite for offering our students and doctors specialist training at a high level, able to better prepare them for the professional challenges of the healthcare system in the coming years”.

In 14 chapters on skull base surgery, they share first-hand insights and expertise in vital areas for exclusive endoscopic and microscopically assisted endoscopic surgery of the base of the skull. The volume was illustrated by Prof. Marchioni. This volume provides the most comprehensive and clarifying information written to date on endoscopic approaches to the lateral skull base, making it essential reading for both novice and experienced surgeons.

The goal of cranial basic surgery – comments Prof. Daniele Marchioniis access to and treatment of tumors located in the lateral base of the skull through the most minimally invasive endoscopic approach possible, thereby bypassing the delicate cranial nerves, dural, cerebral and vascular structures. We developed this technique together with Prof. Presutti when he was director here in Modena and I started my company. We have codified the minimally invasive transpromotor approach for the treatment of neuromas located in the internal auditory canal and the transcanal endoscopic approaches to the lateral skull base. This wealth of knowledge has been enriched during the six years we have spent in Verona. Today, we are putting this experience to work for the benefit of the entire scientific community for the benefit of patients.”

Modena is a regional reference center for the treatment of skull base pathology with a multidisciplinary approach among the specialists in otolaryngology, neurosurgery and interventional neuroradiology. Otolaryngology in particular is a reference point for treatment of acoustic neuroma and interventions on the lateral and anterior skull base with around 150/200 interventions per year.

In outpatient clinics dedicated to skull base and facial nerve surgery around more than 300 patients/year are followed.

Among the peculiarities the endoscopic transpromotor surgical approach to the treatment of neuromas was codified in Modena of the acoustic nerve with a minimally invasive approach, this new operation was then adopted by international universities such as Harvard in Boston, Vanderbilt in Nashville, the University of New York and Dallas, where the authors of the book are also invited as teachers.

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