Coronavirus Italy, Health Bulletin July 27/207 deaths, 63,837 cases, -30 hospitalizations


In the last 24 hours The Ministry of Health records in its daily bulletin a large drop in admissionsas well as sui infection: Then the number of tampons also decreases, the positivity rate remains more or less in the usual trend of the last few weeks (around 20%), while the number of positive victims of Covid still does not care (which does not necessarily mean, however, that the cause of death is Sars -CoV-2). Well, today’s July 27 bulletin records 63,837 infections in Italywith 79,499 recovered-discharged and with still 207 positive deaths coronavirus (171,439 total deaths since the start of the pandemic).

At the moment is the positivity rate in Italy stops at 20.1% (+ 0.3%) compared to 317,720 vaccinations processed between yesterday and today: currently Italians still positive for Covid-19 are 1,380,127 (-15,306 compared to yesterday), of which however 1,368,609 are in isolation home with few symptoms. The rest 11,094 positives are hospitalized with symptoms of Covid general wards (-30 compared to Tuesday), while the only 424 intensive care units are occupied throughout Italy (-10 compared to yesterday’s bulletin). (Agg. by Niccolò Magnani)


That we are now in this hot July facing a phase of decrease in infections it seems to be an established fact, but to get further confirmation it is necessary to wait coronavirus bulletin today, Wednesday 27 July. It is published as usual around 16.30, while until then it is useful to pick up the newsletter from yesterday, Tuesday 26 July. On the last day, there was a slight increase in the positivity rate, which was on 19.7% (compared to 19.3 on Monday).

The reason for this small increased positivity covered by yesterday’s coronavirus bulletin appears, as is often the case, to be due to an increase in the number of inoculations handled by the NHS. Actually, I go yesterday infections had been 88,221compared with 446,718 inoculations. The recoveries yesterday were 107,347, while the deaths were unfortunately so 253 (an increase on the previous days, when there were 104 Tuesdays and 77 Mondays). The data regarding general departments recorded by yesterday’s coronavirus bulletin reported an increase of 43 patients while intensive care is recorded 8 new entries (bringing the national total to 434).


While we await the publication of the coronavirus bulletin Today, Wednesday, July 27, let’s take a quick look at the experts’ opinion on the general epidemiological situation in our territory. One of the last to speak, to the microphones off Adnkronos, is an infection specialist Matteo Bassetti. According to him, we currently have a “students who have received anti-Covi vaccination or have been infected with Omicron in recent months, or have done both“.

This would ensure students a coverage”close to 100% for difficult formsBassetti continues. The point the infectious disease specialist wants to get to is simple,”I don’t see why I should keep thinking about putting them there maybe“.I’m sorry if you think the boys can keep beating them“, Continue, “I think that students should be treated differently“. “No masks at school“, repeats Bassetti, “I will be at the head of any demonstration (..), I signed documents made by professors (to) they are the first to not want boys to wear it“. According to the infection specialist, it is important to work to avoid it and concludes by reminding how “guys have a bit more than any other category“.


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