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from Candida Morvillo

The creator of Blender and the chairman of Lux Video: «We have had other stories and a bit of jealousy. But our love is stronger”

There are two bells. One more Giovanni Minoli. One more Matilda Bernabei. I wanted to be in this square in Rome from the Grande Bellezza for one of the interviews in the series about great loves and I don’t know who to intercom. I will discover that there are also two apartments. “There’s a connecting door,” she tells me. “It’s not there: it’s closed, barred,” he protests. Her: «Come on, I’ll show you». Him: «Oh no! It is important that he also sees it from my side.’ Whether the door is there or not, I will know only at the end. The Minolis have been married for 48 years, they have a daughter, three grandchildren. He is the man who invented much of our television, Blender, We are history, Those of the night by Renzo Arbore, Money, money by Arrigo Levi, A place in the sunRai Storia, Rai Educational … She, a worker knight, is the woman who, together with her father Ettore, founded Lux ​​Vide and brought Italian series to the world by producing Bible project, The doctors, Don Matteo, Dock, Devils

Have there always been two houses or will they be at some point?

Giovanni: «Before it was one. When our daughter Giulia got married, I went to live alone for a while in via di Monserrato, then we shared this apartment and went back. We have found that living in two neighboring houses is the surest way to maintain a relationship.’

Why was he gone?

“I needed to live without telling anyone lies. I mentioned them casually, and inside me they cost me dearly. Later, when I knew the freedom of the truth, I never left it. I love Matilde, but I don’t know what all the other tidbits about the couple are’.

Matilde: «Last Sunday we were at a wedding: I am still moved when I see two people who love each other getting married. Because when you say “I will love you in good times and bad, in joy and in pain”, it is very strong, but you are young and you do not understand what it will mean “.
John: “But you also say ‘forever’: that’s what changes the connotations of everything. I can’t take ‘forever’ for granted. I think you have to choose it day by day. Life offers new experiences, but above all we change, and I am horrified by the hypocrisy: I will be honest and face the consequences.”

And now your marriage is without hypocrisy, without lies?

«I know I went with Matilde because I was kidnapped by her soul and I needed her soul to live. I’ve never been able to pull it off myself when I’ve tried. It was the meaning and lifeblood of my life. Doesn’t seem like very little to me. So, what is in between God knows. I am passionate, everything I invented I did under feelings, work with people with whom there was esteem and friendship, but little by little friendship and love can become a thing, an engine in life with all its variations, messiness, complications, and in this dynamic I happened to fall in love with other women.”

Has it also happened to you that Matilde fell in love with someone else?

Giovanni: «He asked you if it happened to you not only to be loved, but to fall in love. Answer, because you always turn it around since you have been so courted’.

Matilde: “I wanted to start from the beginning”.
Giovanni: «Excellent: we had been married for four days, you went to a conference, you went home with a Frenchman. But I say! He says to me: are you sad? And I: but no ».
Matilde: “But I didn’t do anything with the Frenchman”
Giovanni: “What does that have to do with it?”.

Excuse me, who are the French?

Matilde: «But no one. I explain from the beginning: I meet Giovanni already knowing from his brother that of their large family he was the most intelligent, creative and extraordinary, and that he would never marry and never have children. I saw it and it was also very cool, especially – we want to use an obsolete term? – I saw the prince charming. I thought: it can only be an adventure, patience. I then confirmed his intelligence, Giovanni understands reality and therefore predicts the future, we never tire of talking ».
Giovanni: «We never got tired of talking, even when things went wrong
very bad”.
Matilde: “Anyway, he was 29 and I was twenty, it was such a big difference.”
Giovanni: “He asked you if you were in love with others, you didn’t answer”.

He wants to start from the beginning. Matilde, did you believe in marriage?

“I do. I was 14 in 1968, and it binds us both to be left-wing Christian aspirants. We took our first trip to mass with Don Franzoni, in a garage at Ostiense, he was an abbot suspended en divinis. We both had the idea that a little bit we would change the world. From marriage, our home has become a center of thoughts, music, words, planning the future. I worked with an NGO, went to university and cooked for everyone.”

If he didn’t want to get married, how did you end up at the altar in a few months?

Matilde: «My father says: I know you see Giovanni Minoli, who is much older than you, so you don’t want to talk about Napoleon; either you marry him or you don’t see him anymore. I thought: we just pretend we don’t see each other ».
Giovanni: «Instead I told her: let’s get married. Knowing his father, I knew that ‘let’s meet secretly’ would be impossible’. He looks at his wife: «I had already felt the importance of you in my life, but I would never have married you. Maybe now, yes, now I would marry you. Such a statement, throw it away.”
Matilde: «You are the one with unexpected exits. That day it was an enormous joy.’
John. “I wasn’t happy to be married, but I was happy he was with you.”
Matilde: “Precisely by virtue of his starting point, of his “I will never marry”, I said to him one day on the beach in Punta Ala: you loved me more than I loved you”.
Giovanni: «It is an important thing because it is the truth. I had not been loved by my mother, who loved her husband, not so much her children. I didn’t believe in the family’.
Matilde: «You lived in the impossibility of allowing yourself to love, but still you did. So I told you that even though I love you dearly. However, I happened to fall in love with others. Amazingly, I’ve had many suitors.’
John: “”Many suitors” are vague. Tell it all ».
Matilde: “Among these suitors, a particularly extraordinary one, but I never stopped loving Giovanni, and therefore I always chose him again”.

Giovanni murmurs: is he jealous?

“I came to defend Matilde from her father because she fled for a holiday in the fjords with her boyfriend. I defended it because I understood it. I understood because I wanted to be understood too. And I didn’t want a freedom that she couldn’t have. I have always recognized freedom for her, while she has not for me’.

Have you ever been afraid that Matilde was going to leave?

“Yes, and I suffered. I also had strong reactions. I have met a rival”.

And you Matilde, were you afraid?

“I remember one evening he didn’t come back and I thought: he’s not coming back. I was desperate’.

When someone else arrived, did you tell each other about it?

Giovanni: “Not so much. We sensed it. Then we always found ourselves again. Our daughter Giulia played a fundamental role: in moments of real distance, she was a fearsome founder of love ».
Matilde: «Since he came back and we shared the apartments, we laugh a lot together, more than before».
Giovanni: “Precisely because it is a daily choice”.

Finally, the connecting door does not open. From Minoli’s side, it ends up in a cupboard. But Matilde has the key to Giovanni’s house: «I used it when he had a heart attack. To say the connection that exists: from a gram of the voice he had in the evening, I understood that something was wrong. Do you know? We almost always have dinner together in the evening.’ Giovanni: “But if you always go out and I never”. Matilde protests, he asserts. I leave and they are still arguing. I hear him say, “But did you hear me say that now I want to marry again?”

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