The school’s operators should be outraged by the lack of interest in politics in their demands

Excuse me, but we’re all really funny. Funny this Italy. All united in the chorus of condemnation and indignation for a sentence that is not particularly opportune and rich in most things that can be said negatively. Right.

But it would be even more correct if, in line with an attitude, ours, of indignant combativeness, when we are never taken seriously, respected and recognized in our role and the institute that we represent and represent us, at the same time become users and workers of the same..


We were indignant at any inappropriate phrase, such as the word “retrained” used by the now arrogant and presumptuous Minister Bianchi.

But we are not indignant at indifference or if you will not listen to politicsdeaf to our demand for a wage that is decent at least for a decent survival for survival, through which our profession and social function is recognized in a certain way.

We do not participate collectively in the struggle that invites us to demonstrate democratically and civilly in the squares of our country, because we delegate to others the role that we should make ours, taking into account that these others are the actors , who then sit at tables to quantify a sum that is the right price to recognize and recognize us. Maybe to shut us up. Not last the highly arbitrary decision not to sign a bridge construction contract that would give us the opportunity to take advantage of the arrears, which especially in this difficult time can come in handy, and because they are ours after all: the time to fight hard for a salary and not only for this one, will be offered on the occasion of the next contract. But they are not us. Representing ourselves does not always mean hearing and speaking with one voice.

Concita, she must indeed have been mistaken; but how many do we make mistakes in our daily life and maybe we don’t silence ourselves in an apology and forgiveness for that bullshit shot!?

I would be indignant at the absence of the school sector in its compactness in light of the real indignation that we should fight, keep silent, revolutionize: the political and social that requires each of us to fulfill the roles that are the responsibility of other institutions , such as the family for example, the same society, politics.

I would be indignant at the talk and decisions about our function, the waste of time that takes so much away from teaching, the urgent bureaucracy that rejects us to make us wear garish clothes, controlled by officials, sometimes far from to be a reference, to perform the service in the most derogatory representation of one’s frustrations.

I would be indignant in front of the mirror in which our face is reflected. For only before it our nakedness has no shelter and finds no veil to cover even our grumbling and lamentation like the Jews in the desert, once we have left Egypt to reach the land of Canaan: the promised land where milk flows. and honey.

If Concita expressed her indignation, it means that after all we allowed her to present to the country, and perhaps to the world, a school that is unable to educate for respect and recognition. Unable to be respected, and consequently allow what history has always recognized.

We will have to break down many clichés that accompany the non-existent distinction of a grade school, which still today at address level wants to inscribe the didactic and often professional value that marks a deep furrow even in the psychology of the individual, so much as feeling frustrated by the resignation of belonging to one social state rather than another, as it happens in India, to experience one’s school success, which is expressed in excellence, in studies and subsequently in the world of work, as ransom.

We are still rooted in all of this. And by all this I am outraged, and I want us all to be outraged.

Mario Santoro

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