The reform of the ITS Academy is law, there is criticism, but it is an important opportunity for working life

They call it the mini-university of Confindustria: indeed it is postgraduate courses called ITS Academy. The first criticism of the effectiveness of ITS; now that Parliament has approved the new reform, they are talking about them again, but those who criticize them do not do so with good reason. Let’s see why.

THAT today

These courses born in 1998, in fact they have never had a great development in Italy and have always been looked upon with contempt by those who believe that without the university there is no education, there is no preparation.


Today, even with low numbers, the system is with ITS represents an efficient sector in relation to quality of the educational offer and employability. In fact, according to the data of the National Monitoring 2022, of 5,280 graduates, 80% (4,218) found a job in the year 2021, despite the limitations and difficulties caused by the pandemic (source

Young people and adults who have a high school education or a 4-year vocational education can register for these courses together with a certificate of specialization in advanced technical education and courses of at least 800 hours.

That ITS they are managed by foundations created by companies that often also provide teachers by taking them from the field, because we are essentially talking about schools where the practical part has its weight and practical operating support within the same companies is the workhorse. In particular, at least 60% of the teaching must come from working life. There didactic it must be of a practical type yielding at least 30% of practical internship.

What changes with the new reform

With the reform approved these days, ITS they come out of the trial phase and form a new segment of post-secondary education, a private segment but with a fair amount of public funding. It’s about professionalize roads on the model of university courses of 4 or 6 semesters that eventually release high specialist qualifications for the world of work according to specific guidelines regarding tertiary services, which also vary from area to area.

The new reform, in accordance with the provisions of the national reform program, transfers it ITS the task of strengthening and expanding language training with very high technological skills. Furthermore, to support the economic development of our country and to contribute to the spread of the technological and green scientific culture. The available addresses, which vary greatly by territory, offer a training catalog closely linked to new professions, such as the expert in mechatronics, the digital communicator, fashion and styling or fashion shoe coordinator as an example.

There The ITS 2022 reform divides the training courses into two levels according to the European Qualification Framework (EQF), namely those of: 5th level EQF lasting two years with at least 1800 hours of total training between theoretical, practical and laboratory activities and 6th level EQF with a three-year duration of a total of 3,000 hours.

There is no shortage of criticism

Critics say the term ITS Academy is an expression to copy the American model, which consists of over 4,000,000 Corporate Academies, i.e. university-like training and innovation centers funded by companies. In Italy we are talking about 40 centres, so we are also far from the number of Germany and France, which started much earlier than us.

The risk, second Daily factis that these schools, apart from the name, fail to take off even this time, remaining in reality a carbon copy of the earlier faded version, which in reality remains a “professional education that is often completely self-referential and of questionable quality.”

We hope that this will not happen and that the fund made available by MI (48,355,436 euros per year) will be well spent and that more and more students can be professionals of the future thanks to these alternative education courses for the exam.

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