The itineraries to discover starting from the Castel Romano Designer Outlet

Castel Romano Designer Outlet is a large outlet only 30 minutes from Rome, where you can stroll and shop while taking advantage of great discounts on the best brands. But after exploring the 150 stores, why not take advantage of its location within easy reach of the capital for an off the beaten path in the city?

To help you plan your visit, here Portraits of Italythe new project that sees the collaboration off Italian Touring Club and off McArthurGlen, European leader in ownership, development and management of Designer Outlet. To promote the cultural, but also natural and food and wine excellence of the areas surrounding McArthurGlen Designer Outlets, ICT has actually developed a number of itineraries, in Italian and English, published on the websites of the various centres (in this article the presentation of the project).

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in Castel Romano

McArthurGlen actually feels its own the responsibility to actively contribute to the communities in which it operates also included economic, social and environmental initiatives which has a positive impact on the area. The Group is committed as an employer, having supported 30,000 jobs across its entire portfolio, but has always been engaged in the development of projects that support local economic activitiesparticularly in the hospitality and food and beverage sectors.

So here is a “taste” of the itineraries that you will find on the McArthurGlen website. The invitation is there read and experience the travel plans: good shopping and good visiting!

The first itinerary proposed by Ritratti d’Italia starting from Castel Romano suggests an unusual route among the museum houses of major artists who have left their mark in the capital: Giorgio De Chirico, Keats-Shelley, Goethe, Hendrik Andersen, Giacomo Balla. Artists and writers very different from each other, united by having lived for a period of their lives in the eternal city, in a house, with friends like Goethe or buy it like Balla, and which then became a museum. Places that tell the personalities and stories of those who have inhabited thema legacy of their intimacy, but also of the culture and era they lived in. Discovering them also means experiencing a Rome different from the baroque and imperial forums: a proposal also for many Romans who want to go beyond “common places”.

Casa di Goethe, Rome – photo Enrico Fontolan

The second itinerary is equally impressive. It starts from the assumption that Rome is a cinematic city, immersed in a timeless charm: the images we keep of this dream city, we have often seen in a movie. And often these photos were shot from the seat of a Vespa. So why not rent one – please Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn and Nanni Moretti – and use it to get into the heart of Rome and discover it inside but also outside the walls? The itinerary therefore leads to the places of Garbatella, to San Paolo Fuori le Mura, among the museums of the EUR and to the discovery of the cloud. As Le Monde journalist Daniel Psenny says: “Rome on a motorcycle is a dream. It is unrivaled and can be explored in its most hidden parts. A city open to scooters. The bike would be more ecological, go more sporty, but discovering the streets on a Vespa is a true must for moviegoers”.

Palazzo della Civiltà del Lavoro (Colosseum square) for EUR – photo Shutterstock


– The portraits of Italy can be found on the dedicated pages at; here is the page dedicated to Castel Romano Designer Outlet.
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