School, 95,000 teachers in 2022/23, but there is a shortage of aspirants

The sector of school continues to represent one of the most important in terms of looking for and getting a job. However, there is some recent data that makes us think: indeed, if it is true that Ministry of Education approved recruitment of more than 94 thousand teachers for the school year 2022-2023, it is equally true that the problem is the absence of applicants within placements.

Traces of what has just been reported can be found in the Ministry of Education’s press release, dated 21 July 2022. The question is concrete: in fact, given that the division of per recruitment of teachers it is carried out on a regional basis, the unions have expressed their concern and raised the alarm to point out that half of the posts are at risk of being left uncovered. With all the consequences of the case in relation to the quality of the educational offer and a good functioning of school structures. Let’s see some additional details.

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Recruitment of teachers in the school year 2022/2023

The above scenario is a fact following the decree of 19 July, with which the Ministry of Education specified that Ministry of Economy expressed positively, authorization for indefinite employment of 94,130 teachers for all grades – until the next school year. So we refer to the teaching staff for kindergarten, primary school, first and second year high school.

In addition, the MIUR specifies that the more than 94 thousand places are added ok for the employment of 317 school principals and the retention in service of 44 school principals, for 361 total units to be used on vacant and vacant positions.

More specifically on the topic recruitment of teachers the number of positions at stake for which permanent appointments can be arranged are linked to the following percentages:

  • 50% of the places are assigned to the ranking of competitions based on qualifications and exams currently in force (so-called rankings of merit);
  • the other 50% to the ranking list until exhaustion, as provided by law.

The purpose of the ministries’ initiative is, of course, to ensure recruitment in time for a proper school start.

The problem of uncovered chairs: the trade unions’ alarm

We said so, they are almost 100,000 the places for the recruitment of teachers for the school year 2022/23, but how are they distributed between joint teachers and support? Here are the reference numbers:

  • n. 63,781 places for ordinary teachers;
  • n. 30,349 places for support.

We emphasize that the division of recruitment of teachers it is carried out on a regional basis according to ministerial indications. However, despite the timely initiative of the institutions, the unions – CISL, UIL and SNALS Scuola – have sounded the alarm, warning that half of the vacant seats are likely to remain uncovered – and this due to a lack of candidates in placements.

Well, it may seem a bit paradoxical, but it is so. Although the school sector has always represented a very rich context of job and placement opportunities, in terms of teacher recruitment, the numbers that would be needed are lacking. As estimated by the trade unions, vacant seats will only be occupied by about half of the available seats.

The problem is concrete: it placements which you have to fish for agreements, in fact, they do not have enough suitable candidates – especially in the regions where they are most needed and in demand.

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What will be the scenario for the 2022-23 school year?

This being the case, it is not surprising that the General Secretary of the CISL Scuola has recently noted that the consequence of this situation, as in previous years, will be use of substitutes to allow educational institutions to function properly by educational structures, limit suspensions and cases of discontinuity to the detriment of students and parents. However, it will inevitably lead to many insecure contracts that neither the workers nor the unions will appreciate.

According to the latter, the crux of the problem is the lack of “coverage” in the current mechanism for public competitions, which would still be too slow, cumbersome, complex and not connected to each other. According to the unions, a way out would be represented by adding the recruitment of teachers with competition, those originating from the introduction in the role of uncertain with several years of experience, which favors stable work and a larger school staff.

Finally, we remind you that in the circumstances where there are still vacancies, teachers included in the useful rankings can apply for another region. This is the so-called call procedure or call fast: introduced a few years ago, these are the positions that remain vacant and available each school year after they have been hired for an indefinite period. This procedure is clearly intended to speed up the teachers’ time to take on the role and to cover them quickly vacant professorships which would otherwise remain empty and will be given to substitutes.


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