Schiavi Macchine International, press brakes and automation at the service of production

Internationalization is a declared goal for the group, which aims for sustainability

From the automotive industry to the naval and aviation industry, from the production of household appliances to the military sector: there are several sectors where sheet metal working is of crucial importance for production. It is a highly specialized area where the use of cutting-edge machinery and knowledge of industrial processes are essential to maintain a high level of competitiveness of the companies operating there.

Since 1958, Schiavi has been a national leader in the production of high-quality press brakes made in Italy. The adventure begins when the brothers Vito and Giuseppe Schiavi, already engaged in the production of machines and systems for the graphic industry, presented themselves with the opportunity to give life to another activity linked to the production of extremely innovative machines for plate processing. in collaboration with the French Promecam. In 2018, Zinetti Technologies Group took over Schiavi and founded Schiavi Macchine International with the aim of exporting this Italian expertise to the world.

A research and development path oriented towards automation and internationalization opens up, where new product lines and new software are developed to simplify the programming of the bending process.

The company’s strength, with its production site in Ghisalba, in the province of Bergamo, is the in-depth overall know-how of machines and processes, both from a mechanical and software point of view, which allows us to offer customers a 360-degree service, from pre-purchase advice to technical assistance throughout the machine’s life cycle. Moreover, thanks to the in-depth knowledge of all the components, Schiavi Macchine International is able to regenerate used machines by equipping them with new software, new numerical controls and new safety systems to prevent accidents, giving a second life cycle to the decommissioned machines of customer companies .




Schiavi Macchine International is part of a wider portfolio of services provided by the Zinetti Technologies Group to the same market as Schiavi. From tools to numerical controls, from software to accessories to support lean production.

Zinetti Technologies is a distributor for the Italian market of well-known brands such as Mitsubishi Electric Laser Division, ASTES4, Muratec Wiedemann, Finn Power Crimping, Lissmac, Wilson Tool, Jetcam and ZoomFab.

Alongside the internationalization goals of Made in Italy excellence, the group’s work is guided by attention to the issues of environmental sustainability and reduction of energy consumption. Each of the machines proposed by Zinetti and Schiavi represents a reference point in the market for reduced consumption of both electricity and technical gases.


A highly efficient cutting system

The laser cutting systems of the GX-F series are based on highly efficient fiber laser technology and allow cutting speeds among the highest, as they are equipped with “ZoomHead Mitsubishi”, ground-breaking technology that allows fast and flexible thickness variations of the processed materials thanks to a constant adjustment of the radius . It is also equipped with artificial intelligence capable of monitoring, correcting and setting the appropriate cutting technologies. The GX-F guarantees optimal performance when processing sheets up to 30 millimeters thick.


All services from the Task Dynamic division

The Lombard company develops and produces standard and customized automation systems for bending cells and laser machines of all sizes, in order to satisfy all the customer’s production needs. In addition, the Task Dynamic division offers a range of advanced controls for managing the various functions of the machinery: from simple controls that allow you to determine, save and control the parameters necessary to perform the bend, to the most sophisticated control panels, with interface advanced graphics and bending simulation.


Software for controlling the company’s machines

The Jetcam division of the Zinetti Technologies Group is responsible for the installation of advanced software solutions developed by Jetcam, a company founded in 1986 with the aim of developing software for cutting and controlling related processes of sheet metal and composite materials. The company’s goal has always been to propose software solutions that are as simple to use as they are efficient in the action produced, able to handle lasers, combined lasers, punching machines, plasma, water jet and composite cutting machines, to do more fluid and uniform production.


Constant monitoring to improve the work centers

Zoomfab is the new generation of software for managing production facilities that monitors, analyzes and suggests the necessary interventions to make the departments more efficient. Zoomfab does not connect to the machine’s numerical controls, but through simple proprietary sensors it is able to monitor all kinds of machines and produce accurate and fully automatic (and therefore reliable) reports regarding the machine’s average ignition time, consumption and energy costs, consumption of technical gases, the time for operation and inactivity and the periodic income produced by the machine, by the department and by the company as a whole. With the exclusive “What’If” function, it allows you to calculate different and improving scenarios to be proposed to management.

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