Remedial exams, remedial school courses are not enough: repeats for 2 out of 3

Ongoing inflation was not enough, this summer the private repetitions will ensure further lightening of the family portfolio. At least for those cores where there is a student who has to deal with the infamous “school debt”, or the failure in the final report in one or more subjects, which must be canceled before the start of the next school year in order to gain access to the next class . According to estimates made by | – ​​Italy’s leading platform for finding private lessons online and offline – about 1 in 5 high school students had at least one “debt” in June.

The investigation

According to what the participants declared, about 3,000 students from first to fourth years of high school, about 2 out of 3 “debtors” have in one way or another actually already approached (or will do so in the coming weeks) a private tutor to have more certainty in light of the end-of-summer verification. A proportion that does not vary significantly between those who could take remedial courses at their school and those who did not have this support. Also thanks to the resources made available by the Summer Plan, the institutes have nevertheless made a decisive effort to help their students catch up. Overall, 8 out of 10 students declare that ad hoc courses have already been organized or will be held at their school. These mainly relate to the main subjects of the various courses, so it can happen – that is, in 1 case out of 10 – that the subject in which the results were insufficient was not included in the educational offer prepared by the school. seem to trust these courses. On the one hand, there are actually almost a fifth of students (19%) who, despite having this option, gave up participating in it. On the other hand, those who took part in them almost always claim that they have not solved their doubts: about 1 in 4 found them completely (or almost) useless, more than half (51%) got only a few ideas, only 25% feel fully satisfied. If that was not enough, it must also be taken into account that the remedial courses for virtually everyone have already been completed when the day of truth is more than a month away.

The repetitions

All factors that explain why, as expected, in order to keep in shape or fill the gaps that the school has not filled, external help is often and willingly used in the form of private repetitions. The estimated average expenditure will be around 270 euros, with significant differences in the distribution of the budget: 20% consider spending between 300 and 500 euros, around 1 in 10 even between 500 and 1,000 euros. But the largest share (27%) will be kept under 200 euros, if not even under 100 euros (that is, for 25%). A significant investment that is added to what is already given during the school year: a similar study also carried out by | had estimated the average cost of repetitions from the return to school at around 400 euros.


Unfortunately, the most popular subjects are always the same grades: Mathematics, Latin and Greek, natural sciences, foreign languages ​​and Italian. That, after “tormenting” the students during the school year, they will also do it on vacation: 20% of those interviewed estimate that they will continue to take repetitions even from the resort, mainly using remote means of connection, 53% in instead, he will dedicate himself to individual study sessions or using the family unit. Only 27% of students with debt will respect the sanctity of summer vacation and will refrain from studying while away from home. Those who do not resort to private lessons, on the other hand, will essentially do so for personal pride, organizational reasons, or simply to avoid ruining their summer vacation. Even if there will be those – about 1 in 4 – who will abstain for financial reasons. But as predicted, there is also a third way: those who have not attended the remedial courses and have not even made use of the repetitions. 57% of these students will try the business alone, all the others will seek support from family members (12%), classmates (6%) or specialized websites (25%).
“Even if what were once called remedial exams are not extremely selective—last year, for example, 9 out of 10 students passed them—increasingly, families are deciding to leave the stone unturned and resort to private tuition. Because the gaps that have become created in the last three years of frequent use by father, are often so profound that students are unable to do it alone or even through remedial courses offered by schools that only a minority of students fully promote the voices. Fortunately, the development provides of technologies and the increasing presence of platforms dedicated to this type of service allows families to continue their training even at a distance from the resort”, says Marco Sbardella, head of |

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