ReggioTV – News – School. Cuzzupi: “Only now are we aware of the error in this ministry?”


“We at the UGL Scuola have not left and will never leave anyone the free field to continue in this pantomime”

School. Cuzzupi: “Only now are we aware of the error in this ministry?”

In these hours, we are listening to complaints from various sides about the results achieved by the Ministry of Education. A real piece of information that seems to have caught many off guard for several months we at the UGL school have condemned the absolute inaction and the lack of any initiative to protect the school and its staff. A circumstance that fills us with bitterness as we have to witness again the sad theater of sheep turning into wolves when conditions change. An unusual fact it is it offends all school staff, families and the entire country“.
These are the words of National Secretary UGL Scuola, Ornella Cuzzupi, which continues: “That this ministry and the professional singers of proclamations and decrees have achieved nothing concrete for the school is there for all to see.. The sector contract, long since expired, is relegated to the labyrinth of near-forgotten things; the reopening of the school, which will see the institutes under the same conditions as last year; the bureaucracy that seizes hard on any attempt to develop a serious education policy that needs to be remodeled for modern needs; inclusion that remains a crumpled flag to be pulled out when necessary, but careful not to compromise operational solutions for the less fortunate; a school building left to the imagination of the moment; a minimal adaptation of structures such as aerators that UGL The school has been asking since the beginning of the pandemic… all things, and these are just a few examples, left to rot under the sun of incompetence, superficiality and carelessness“.

And the National Secretary’s speech goes directly back to the role and tasks of teachers and the all too often forgotten ATA: “Incidentally, this ministry has succeededto be honest, on par with others in the pastto degrade the sector further through the way the teaching staff and ATA were treated. Figures governing the institution to which no merit is recognized, which are not assessed for the importance that should be given to those who are called to shape the country’s future through education and training. Taillights from a Europe that is brought up solely and exclusively for its own convenience. Debacle of a dicastery which requires careful consideration for the future, and which must call upon all without exception to sum up what has been done. We from UGL School for our part, we have not left and will never leave no one the free field to continue in this pantomime that damages the foundations of the country. We believe that the school and its employees must be projected towards a future that pays off their merit and get the funds and tools so they can perform their tasks as they know and should do. It’s not a promise…it’s a promise!”

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