Musical instruments for children: buying guide

Musical instruments for children: buying guide for guitar, piano and keyboard, drums, flute, toys or for school

Musical instruments for children: buying guide

Music has positive effects on adults and children. Many studies confirm that making babies listen to music already in the womb and then in infancy develops various abilities, especially cognitive and intellectual. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to suggest children to play an instrument from a certain age. Let’s see together how to choose musical instruments for children.

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Why and which instrument to play as children

Why learn to play a musical instrument? Music certainly has numerous mood benefits, and play an instrument it increases self-esteem, confidence in one’s abilities, and if played in an orchestra, it nurtures team spirit. But not only that: playing an instrument has direct benefits on the brain, according to some studies (such as a recent one conducted by renowned neuropsychiatrist Catherine Loveday of Westminster University): playing activates multiple senses, hearing, sight and touch, which must work together , then keep in constant training brain. But there are studies about coordinationon patience, in short, the benefits are so many that one wonders why we shouldn’t all play an instrument!

But which tool to choose as children? Of course you have to take into account the personal inclinations or the requirements of the school and again the age: violin for example, you cannot start too early from a question of physical structure, the guitar is the least demanding (even financially), the piano must be at home … But if you have already made your choice, let’s see together how choose children’s musical instruments.

You want your child to become familiar with one instrument from a very young age? You just have to buy one children’s toy guitar like this. Suitable for ages 3 and up, it’s ideal for getting familiar with the instrument and becoming passionate about music. In the acoustic version, it allows you to play alone or “with the band”, to have fun with the first musical rudiments.

THE PRODUCT: it’s a real guitar, so mom and dad, if they know how to play it, can already teach their son a few notes

DISADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCT: it’s small, it’s okay up to a maximum of 6 years, then it’s better to change

Other things children’s toy guitars ideal for introducing the little ones to music is this simple tree:

Or this other one suitable for ages 12 months and up:

Your child starts one guitar course or do you want to teach him to play? This classical acoustic guitar might be for you, because it’s a real guitar but in child size. The Music Alley is 34 inches long, has nylon strings (softer) and metal gears for faster tuning.

THE PRODUCT: this guitar has a very high playability, even for the youngest

DISADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCT: useful for those who are starting to play, but to replace those who have already practiced

Other things acoustic classical guitars for children which you will find on Amazon:

There piano for middle school it cannot be a toy piano: when you buy it, therefore, pay attention to the quality, read the reviews and make sure that it has enough heavy keys, in the appropriate number, and that it has a good duration. This one from Casio, like all the others Casio pianos and keyboardsit’s a great product because it replicates keyboards larger, it has a case and headphones for practicing in class or at home without disturbing others.

THE PRODUCT: with its 44 keys, it produces 100 notes, 50 rhythms, functions as a piano but also as an organ

DISADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCT: since it is the top of the range, it has a higher price

Other things keyboards / pianos that may be suitable for middle school is of Yamahaanother significant brand when it comes to pianos and the like, in this case in the entry level version:

But also this one by Alesis Melody, which is also available in a 54-key version:

However, for small children it can be an excellent idea to start getting familiar with music toy pianolas and keyboards. This is perfect for imitating the singers in the piano bar, complete with stool and microphone.

THE PRODUCT: a real game that will keep kids busy for a long time, with USB plug

DISADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCT: integrated music, lights… there is everything for a nice “concert” that could give you a headache!

Other things toy keyboards which you find on Amazon are these lovely ones in the shape of a mini piano:

And this instead, more classic, but with several functions:

flute for children

That whistle is required, today, already at school elementary. If we thought it had gone out of style…we were wrong! So if you also have a flute on your list of school supplies to buy, here are two options that will suit you.

Classic Yamaha flute

The classic of classics, the Yamaha flute which we have all learned to play on, cheap and indestructible:

Simplified flute

If you are looking for one facilitated flutethis is perfect because it has the holes covered with tape, making it easier to learn the notes at an early age:

Battery for children

Is your child a drummer or do you find it helpful to let him vent on the cymbals? Exists children’s batteries which does not take up much space and which is much less noisy than the classics!

Bontempi 5-cell battery for children

Bontempi is a guarantee: this battery It is ideal for starting to play, but reproduces the same sounds as an adult drum kit, so watch out for noise!

Toy battery for children

This is a real one toy batteryideal for letting the little ones vent or introduce them to the instrument while they wait for them to get a little older:

Play one musical instrument it’s a great way to keep your brain exercised and sometimes it’s even dictated by the school, so be prepared when choosing an instrument!

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