Mistreatment at school, teacher acquitted. The outbreak: “Betrayed by parents, unprecedented violence on social media. reproaches? Necessary”

Nightmare over for an early childhood educator Rivoliin Piedmont. Patricia Torothis is her name, she vented to those microphones That Corriere della Seraand reiterates that she is innocent and does not understand why she was framed by some in her opinion parents. But let’s go in order.

The facts in question date back to March 2019. On that occasion, as reported by the newspaper, two teachers from Rivoli were charged with having assaulted, verbally abused and beaten of children aged between 3 and 5 years after the report to the Carabinieri by some parents.


For the gupp Lucia Minutella, who spoke yesterday, July 25, that fact does not exist. The prosecutor had asked for a sentence of one year and 4 months in prison, without conditional suspension of the sentence. For the judge, the behavior of the two educators is not criminally relevant, but is part of the correct educational methods.

Patricia Toroone of the two teachers, pedagogue of the childhood of 59 years, after itabsolution can come back to life after a dark period. The investigations into her have actually harmed her psychologically and professionally: “After the complaint, I stayed at the school until the investigation was closed: the principal, colleagues and many parents were close to me. They never let me lack their support and that was important to me. So in 2020, when the charges were formalized, I took a year off. I preferred to step aside and collect my ideas,” he explained.

Where did the accusations come from?

There teacher she still wonders why she was accused: “Betrayal by some parents hurt me. People who have accompanied their children to school for years and show that they are kind and caring. Despite the complaint, we ended the school year with the traditional class dinner and the children also gave me some small gifts. I cannot give an explanation for this. Just as I am already – he continued – worried about people’s reaction on social media: I was threatened with my life. They unleashed unprecedented violence against me”.

Apparently, the interviewee never noticed a different attitude towards her on its part parents: “None of them had ever complained or criticized: I had no inkling of the storm that was about to overwhelm me. The children have always been happy to come to school. Mine is a job done by vocation: children require time and effort, but they have the ability to give you love and affection. Their smiles and hugs are worth all the effort”.

The first words after the acquittal

“I am dazed and tired. I am digesting what happened and realizing the judge’s words. I have always known that I was innocent. In the courtroom, I not only rejected the accusations, but also defended thirty years of work. Now I breathe a sigh of relief , and when I return to the class in September, it will have the taste of the first time”, explained the teacher, who will soon return to the class with a lighter heart.

Because reproaches are part of education

There Bull he also shared his thoughts on the road to raise children as he thinks right and particularly to the question reproaches: “The blame is necessary. Think of a child running away from the classroom, that is dangerous behavior. But the reproach must then be followed up by pampering and explanations, so that he understands what he did wrong’.

“I have always believed in justice, I knew I had not done what was described in the complaints. I started at 19, and at 11 I was unsure. Then I got the professorship. In my career I have never had any problems and I claim my pedagogical method. In kindergartens, teaching takes place through play, but children must also be brought up and accompanied on their growth path. Over time, we also become second mothers to them, and reprimanding, harsh when necessary, is part of my job”, concludes the interviewee.

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