Leviant, the startup led by a young man from Bergamo that brings furniture and design objects from hotels to your home

How many times has it happened to you to stay for a short period in a hotel, admire a piece of furniture or other design objects and think how nice it would have been to be able to buy them and display them in your home?

A thought that unites many travelers, yet often collides with the difficulty of tracking the manufacturer or the exact model used, thus decaying what could in fact be a business opportunity for companies.

To fix this “flaw” in the system and assume the role of the ideal link in this chain, apply now Leviant Design Experiencea young startup led by Bergamo’s CEO Giordano Rivellinifreelance interior designer born in 1995 from Azzano San Paolo.

The idea was born within an entrepreneurial project promoted by the University of Brescia, where a team completed by Brescia was formed Ivan Faustini27 years old and project manager, e.g Gentian Dedej24 years, IT manager: with their own resources they gave life to the initiative, which then entered its operational part thanks to the informative meeting with Matteo Linottoin the role of adviser, ed Eugenio Gallinaan entrepreneur already active in the hospitality sector.

From left: Giordano Rivellini, Ivan Faustini and Gentian Dedej

The basic concept is simple: to exploit the potential of a widespread showroom, which uses existing exhibition spaces, to improve the quality of Made in Italy design and at the same time enrich the travel experience of those staying in hotels with the possibility to buy the objects inside.

“The common will among all team members was to reduce waste in the supply chain in the world of design – explains Rivellini – First of all, we started to study what could have been our partners in this project, from design companies to hotels of a certain level, from 4 stars and above, which could basically have the same goal for customers. So, about a month and a half ago, we started with the experimental phase in the field with the realities of the provinces of Bergamo, Verona, Monza and Brianza, Genoa and Mantua”.

At the moment there are four hotels that have come along, including the very central one Cappello d’Oro in viale Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo (with furniture primarily for the outdoor part)while three others will soon join the circuit: the aim is to reach at least ten before the end of the year.

The same applies to design suppliers: Baleri Italia from BoltierePiega Design (Verona), Paola Zani (Monza and Brianza) and Marmolove (Genoa) have already taken the initiative, others are ready to join in the coming weeks.

“All the selected companies have a high rate of Made in Italy and follow an eco-sustainable process in the creation of their products – adds Rivellini – This is the type of company we want to support, to give value and prominence to genuine Italian production. However, some struggle a little more on the marketing side, and this is where our proposal fits in: we examine the rooms in hotels where they can be inserted, create comfortable and quality environments, and put them directly in contact with potential customers”.

great design experience

Furniture accessories at Cappello d’Oro

How? This is where technology comes to the rescue. In the exhibition areas, each product can be used and tested and has a plate from which, with a simple Qr code or passive NFC, you can directly access the Leviant platform, where you can consult the history of the interior accessory, its functions and finally buy it directly and also benefit from an exclusive discount.

“For now, we have started with tables, poufs, chairs, coffee tables and other small objects, but our idea, once the so-called last mile has been improved, is to expand not only the product range, but also the settings, which can be, for example, bars and lounges in airports – continues Giordano Rivellini – Our platform is configured as a marketplace that wants to combine the physical part, the touch of the typical products in the traditional showroom, with the speed, agility and comfort of the digital. Our proposal is: you see it, you like it, scan it, buy it and find it at home when you get home from holiday. An enveloping and non-invasive experience because the products are part of the furniture and can be used”.

Finally, Leviant’s role is also to support hotels, in the preparation of spaces and in the study of the objects that fit best into the environments: “With the advantage of being sustainable, because we do not build other showrooms and we giving them the possibility of continuous renovation. At the same time, design companies have the opportunity to make themselves known through a large showcase and to open a new sales channel. The interest is high, even from the outside: some discussions with potential investors are ongoing and at an advanced stage , whose entry can give an important boost to the project”.

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