J&B, the professionals in dream houses

A real estate agent and an architect have developed a formula for improving, pre-selling, the properties. Franchise goals.

The Genoese J&B was born from the professional marriage of the estate agent Roberto Migliorini and the architect and interior designer Marcello Pino. Thanks to their synergistic and previous experience, the two professionals found themselves J&B brand and the business that operates through it. “The goal of our work is to give the dream of a magazine home at the expense of a small mortgage,” they begin. “Investors are a fundamental part of our work, we are looking for new partners to grow with”.

From left Roberto Migliorini and Marcello Pino

Roberto, let’s take a step back. Who are you and what experience do you and Marcello have behind you?

«I am a real estate agent who owns an agency, behind me I have a legal education and an experience of over 25 years in the sector. I am therefore very aware of contractual aspects, in addition to commercial ones. In the past, I have developed several real estate agencies under the Pirelli Re and Remax brands and have completed several real estate trading operations. Marcello, on the other hand, is an architect and interior designer, he has gone through the design of over 100 properties between the J&B brand and previous experiences. He specializes in the improvement of indoor and outdoor spaces and it is no coincidence that a garden of his own design has been published in Gardenia, a garden magazine published by Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori.

Marcello how did your partnership start?

“Our work association started in 2013, when we successfully carried out various property valuations. At that time we cooperated, but not yet continuously. From the very following year, however, the activity of “acquisition – Valorization – Resale” of properties becomes more and more persistent: so we decide us to almost totally set aside our commitment as individual professionals and take the big leap, that is, to transform this activity into our own major, so much so that we dedicate almost all of our work and financial effort to it. our new adventure ».

What do you actually do?

Roberto Migliorini: «We have created the J&B brand with which we have signed all our property improvement projects since 2016. The brand has achieved good visibility on the Genoese market, we have become a point of reference. A tangible sign of this success is the number of our investors, which is constantly and continuously growing. In addition, an increasingly large group of professionals collaborate with us, especially real estate agents, who have decided to unite the J&B vision by expanding their range of activities by joining us and taking advantage of our structure and a consolidated operating method ».

When we talk about your project, it is clear that property improvements are at the center. But can we go into the details of J&B?

Marcello Pino: «Yes, of course. In fact, J&B is a company that takes over properties that are impossible to sell and turns them into design objects at its own expense. We then market them at the right price, guaranteeing the owner an immediate sale without incurring any costs thanks to a proven win-win formula for all parties involved. Our project generates a double result: marginalize a profit and achieve an otherwise impossible sale ».

So is the referral to investors?

RM «Yes, investors are fundamental to us, and therefore we never leave them alone, in all transactions we participate with our share in the investment. Usually we deal with people who want to get closer to the world of real estate, but they can also be figures who are already involved in this market and who have the ambition to grow. In any case, we take them with us all the way, so that they can learn from our experience and our know-how”.

J&B homeAnd the other goal you mentioned?

MP: «To elevate the classic» stucco and paint renovations, we aim for a higher quality product, based on design and home scenes, with the aim of selling better and meeting the expectations of all parties involved: Owner, final buyer, Investors . For some years we have used a phrase that I think defines us perfectly: “J&B, design within everyone’s reach”. In fact, we have managed to bring the design houses, therefore designed and cared for by professionals in the sector, in areas and neighborhoods where most of the customers are not used to seeing them. Indeed, our improvements are primarily developed in populous and commercial districts, where, starting from situations of heavily degraded houses, we are able to achieve the best qualitative optimization of properties with renovations that are never serial, but always innovative. We have reached a level where the final buyer, after the deed, just needs to bring their personal belongings by designing the houses in detail and furnishing them as best as possible. We have already taken care of the rest ».

To return to the investors, the question of transferring your know-how intrigues. Why, do you want to create a network?

RM «We appeal to all those people who want to try their hand at real estate investment, so that they can freely choose whether they want to be exclusively capital investors attracted by very interesting income, but also to those who want to become real estate developers. In this second case, we are therefore dealing with professionals or beginners who, in addition to investing their money, can build a continuous and profitable business, exactly as we did”.

So the goal of the franchise is there?

MP: «Actually yes. Our dream is to soon see the J&B brand open for franchising. We are confident that in the future we will be able to make the most of our wealth of experience and also all the invaluable tools we use every day to carry out this activity. With J&B, you can enter in an innovative way from the front door into a world of improvements aimed at the real estate trade: this is demonstrated by our history and that of the many professionals and investors who work with us ». jebhome.it

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