He killed the children he was supposed to look after, the story of the angel of death

Who is Beverley Allitt, the pediatric nurse who killed four children, injured six and attempted to massacre three more.

Beverley Gail Allit was one “Angel of Death”. A female serial killer who, in her most productive activity, lasted 59 days, killed four children, he wounded six and attempted to massacre three others. Beverly was a pediatric nurse who, between February and April 1991, served on the pediatric ward of the hospital in Kesteven, Lincolnshire.

His young victims had between seven weeks and two years to live. 11-year-old Timothy Hardwick will be an exception.

Anastasia, the little girl kidnapped from the house and raped by the serial killer who entered through the windows

The killing nurse performed a whole series of ritualistic behaviors: injected doses of insulin or potassium chloride with the primary aim of causing cardiac arrest or insulin shock. This type of activity saw her at the forefront of exercising control over vulnerable people and working with victims.

The criteria for the choice of prey were the most diverse. The ones who wet the sheets or they made her nervous for some reason.

Her murderous demeanor allowed her to kill for extended periods of time without anyone being suspicious of her. Until, after the suspicion of too many episodes of cardiac arrest, it was discovered that the latter occurred when the only nurse on duty was Beverley.

The woman has always denied any responsibility, but in May 1993 she was sentenced to thirteen life sentences and forty years in prison. While in detention she began to self-harm and is currently detained at Rapton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire.

The killer nurse’s modus operandi

Because Beverley has, like all female serial killers the power of life and death over his victims it was the main motivation that pushed her to kill. But he was never the only one. The Angel of Death would be the first to sound the alarm and be prepared for the chaos she herself had caused. This corresponded to the need to draw all attention to oneself.

In fact, Beverley had been an introverted, overweight and self-harming child due to a childhood that lacked attention and affection. In the early years of school, she used to tie her arms just to get her peers to take an interest in her. According to some, she was influenced by Munchausen syndrome.

A psychiatric pathology that causes those affected to invent illnesses to receive continuous attention and medical treatment. Allitt even went so far as to persuade a surgeon to have her appendix removed despite her being perfectly healthy.

Some of her ex-boyfriends have also told the woman that she had made up several times that she was pregnant. But not only. He would even accuse them of sexual assault. Beverley committed such murders to pass before the eyes of her parents and family members as a true heroine who did her best to save her little patients. And he succeeded perfectly.

In fact, the parents of two of her victims decided to thank her for helping their daughters, one of whom died and the other remained blind and paralyzed, to have the latter baptized.

The victims

Liam Taylor, just seven weeks old. He had been hospitalized because he was showing symptoms of a chest infection. Beverly killed him with an injection on February 21, 1991.

Timothy Hardwick, eleven years. The Angel of Death’s greatest victim. Timothy suffered from cerebral palsy. He was hospitalized after a seizure. He was assassinated on March 5, 1991.

Kayley Desmond, one year. She had been hospitalized as a result of a chest infection. Beverly tried to kill her on March 8, 1991. However, the girl was taken to another hospital and saved there.

Bradley Gibson, five years. He was hospitalized for pneumonia. The killer nurse injected him with an exorbitant amount of insulin and Bradley suffered two heart attacks on March 21, 1991. He was rescued at another hospital.

Yik Hung Chan, two years. On March 21, 1991, he was hospitalized after a fall. He suffered a bout of oxygen desaturation before being transferred and rescued to another hospital.

Becky Phillips, two months. She was hospitalized for gastroenteritis on April 1, 1991. After an insulin overdose by the Angel of Death, Becky died two days later at her home.

Katie Philips, two months. Becky’s twin, she was hospitalized as a precaution after her sister’s death. As a result of an overdose of insulin and potassium, she was resuscitated several times after several episodes of apnea. Despite being transferred to another hospital, the little girl had suffered irreversible brain damage and partial paralysis and blindness. But what is disturbing is that her parents, grateful for the nursing job in the ward, decided to have Katie baptized by Allitt.

Clarie Peck, 15 months. She died of cardiac arrest caused by a dose of insulin injected by Allitt after being hospitalized for an asthma attack.

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Anastasia, the little girl kidnapped from the house and raped by the serial killer who entered through the windows

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