Fires in Lucca, the mayor of the Council: “24-hour surveillance, there has never been an objective danger to homes”

“There has never been an objective danger to the houses in the municipal area due to the fires”. It was held at the city council opening tonight (July 26) Mayor Mario Pardini’s report on the events affecting the villages of Chiatri, Castiglioncello and Piazzano.

“On July 19 – the mayor recalled – the fire started in Massarosa. THATThe municipality of Lucca was interested in the area of ​​Chiatri in via di Bozzano. At 21:00 I was visiting The Casanova farm and I spoke to the owners, a Milanese family. In the afternoon, several tens of hectares of the property were burned. Only the timely intervention of civil protection and firefighters prevented access to the houses. Another facility in Chiatri was also hitin the evening of the 19th, but the situation under control

“On the 20th he left a fire in Castiglioncello – continues the mayor – where we went Me, Councilor Barsanti, Councilors Pierini and Torrini and in the evening also Councilor Buchignani. Firefighters, civil protection, helicopters from Region and Canadair. The flames then continued on the 21st until they were extinguished. There was no need for an ordinance because 4 houses were evacuated independently; the problem was not the flames, but the fumes”.

“On the evening of the 20th – continues Pardini – they were attributed the functions of Coc and the Piazzano evacuation order was signed because we didn’t know if the fire would stop or not. Around 190 people were evacuated at 9.30-10pm and 30 beds were set up in an hour and a half at school in Santa Maria a Colle but only 4 people needed it, as the majority found a place with relatives and friends. The state of the order remained in effect until Saturday. We talked to the residents, but felt that caution must be our beacon. I preferred to carry out the order until the 23rdby mutual agreement and out of respect for police and firefighters and civil protection involved in the event”.

The budget is for 160 hectares of smoke in the municipal area: 60 in Piazzano, 40 in Bozzano, 60 in Castiglioncello: “But there has never been an objective danger to the municipality’s houses – explains Pardini – Now the recovery is already underway, we have asked for a regional table, an open table with the prefecture and other municipalities. We would like to see that the coordination is also carried out during the recovery days”.

Mayor Pardini did not escape the controversy of the institutional communication of the emergency: “As mentioned – Pardini said – The fire started on the 19th. The first post was made on the 19th on the Mario Pardini Mayor page, which is really an institutional page. From the evening of 19 to 23, 10 inquiries were made from my side and 7 from the municipality of Lucca. Lucca Municipality later started with the posts on the evening of the 20th and I take full responsibility for this lack. 75 thousand people were reached on my page and 90 thousand on social channels. Furthermore, the Municipality’s communication was taken up by all newspapers”.

In connection with the debate, the group’s leader Pd Francesco Raspini’s intervention focused on the theme of communication. By thanking the mayor for the communication and for announcing how the technical table for the Raspini replanting has already started he did not fail to emphasize how, after reporting to the mayor about the lack of communication on the municipality’s Facebook page and on Telegram, backdated posts had appeared on the page itself.: “I register – says Raspini – how the mayor as such has assumed full responsibility for some communication problems. I am sure that what happened is not his direct responsibility, but some of his collaborators. We therefore take this opportunity to ask those who work with you for greater respect for the citizens’ intelligence and for ours”.

The discussions of Daniele Bianucci, leaders of Sinistra Con and Mara Nicodemo of Fratelli d’Italia on behalf of the entire majority. Nicodemus also recalled the tragedy that affected the area of ​​Massarosa with emotion.

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