F_ORME, the “Scaglie” docu-series is born. First stop at Locanda Mariella

The editorial project “Scaglie” of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium continues and increases, now in its second year, it presents a mini-documentary that improves the Parmigiano Reggiano community by talking about gastronomy through the cuisine of the PDO’s area of ​​origin.

The “Scaglie” project, born in 2020, aims to tell the values ​​and expertise nurtured by the consortium every day, the stories of the territory and of the people who work to enrich the Parmigiano Reggiano supply chain and its continuous development.

“Parmigiano Reggiano is present every day on the table of Italians and many other citizens of the world – emphasizes Nicola Bertinelli, chairman of the consortium – but it is equally true that not everyone knows what lies behind that piece of cheese. We tell it through the stories and the voices of the people who share and defend the Consortium’s values. Our goal is to show everyone what makes our territory and Parmigiano Reggiano unique.”

The F_ORME docu-series is developed in three episodes that explore the connection between the professional and personal passions of three Emilian chefs. Lorenzo Sandano entered their kitchens, after the creation of their recipes that have Parmigiano Reggiano as their protagonist, transforming the ingredients into music, songs, stories, transporting the viewer into an unconventional sensory universe.

The artistic direction and production of the three sections is underwritten by K Magazine, LUZ’s magazine and creative hub, giving life to a new type of collaboration between two editorial projects.

“F_ORME was an opportunity to tell an intimate side of Emilian cuisine and how the passions of chefs and restaurateurs are the fundamental key to their culinary journeys”, says Vito Maria Grattacaso, creative director of K Magazine, magazine and creative center.

The first episode is dedicated to Locanda Mariella in Calestano, in the province of Parma, a bulwark of Emilian cuisine.

In the heart of the Emilian Apennines, Mariella Gennari, Guido Cerioni and Japanese chef Kuni Onuma have created a blend of fine oenology and revisited traditional cuisine, all seasoned with a passion for music.

The second episode runs through the vineyards of the Bolognese hills with chef Irina Steccanella and her inseparable border collie. In Savigno, at the Irina restaurant, tradition is interpreted with a contemporary expression through the search for the pure essentials of this unique country.

F_ORME’s journey crosses the finish line at the famous gourmet restaurant Il Cavallino in Maranello, in the Modena area. Chef Riccardo Forapani revisits traditional cuisine in both image and taste, interpreting the spirit and values ​​of two Made in Italy excellences: Parmigiano Reggiano and Ferrari.

Scaglie is an ambitious brand journalism project that the consortium wants to tell about the wonders of the territory where Parmigiano Reggiano has been exclusively produced for almost a millennium. A well-defined territory within its borders that hosts the entire supply chain: from milk production to processing, from ripening to product packaging.

A universe made up of 305 dairies, over 2,300 farms and fifty thousand people, who each year transform 16% of national milk production into over 4 million wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano, 55% of which are destined for the Italian market and 45% for export throughout world.

“With this series, Scaglie confirms his multi-platform call to embrace brand values ​​and pulverize them within a diversity of languages. From digital magazine to game, from podcast to serial narrative, for an unprecedented communication project that is building over time a true community around the world of the most prestigious expertise in our country “underlines Paolo Iabichino, creative and strategic director of the project. Flakes.

Credits F_ORME

Directed by Andrea Sanna

Written by Mariavittoria Salucci and Lorenzo Sandano

Creative Director Vito Maria Grattacaso

Executive Producer Cristian Micheletti

Producer Gabriella Corrado

Assistant producer Francesco Carella

Camera operators Sebastiano Accorrà and Marco Argiolas

Live sound by Andrea Rossini

Editing and post production by Marco Argiolas

Graphic design by Arianna Bassani

Illustrations by Carlo Quarant

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