Extraordinary competition bis: in some regions they also try in August, in others everything is silent or postponed until September. When do you appoint them?

Extraordinary competition bis in accordance with Article 59, subsection 9-bis, in the legislative decree of 25 May 2021, n. 73, converted, with amendments, by law of 23 July 2021, n. 106. Candidates could apply no later than 16 June. It is with the decree of June 21 that the territorial amalgamations were published. Oral tests underway, but with some regions where everything is still quiet.

Around 14 thousand places for the role, only one oral exam. There is no rejection, nor is there a minimum score that candidates must achieve.

The allocated places – redetermination if there are fewer candidates than the announced places –

The proof too

The image by region

Abruzzo: B011 tests on July 25, completed A049, B014 tests on July 25 and 26, A012 tests from July 25 to 29, A027 from July 26 to 28, A051 from July 27 to 28 , A040 on 27 and 28 July, B026 July, B015 26-28 July, B017 completed, AM56 August 8 and 9

Basilicata: A011 August 1 and 2, AB55 August 2 and 3, A064 August 2, B017 August 5, B011 August 9 and 10, A041 August 8

Calabria: AC24, test on 28 and 29 July -B015 test on 25 and 26 July -A011 test from 26 to 29 July -A022 test from 28 July to 5 August -A012 from 26 to 30 July-A013 from 27 to 29 July-A041 from 29 July to 4 August-A010 29 and 30 July-AB56 from 29 July to 1 August-AA25 from July 29 to August-AJ56 from July 28 to 30-A065 August 4-B011 3-5. August-AB24 from 1 to 4 August-A026 from 1 to 6 August-A020 4 and 5 August-B022 5 August-

Campania: nothing new

Emilia Romagna: nothing new

Friuli Venezia Giulia: the last scheduled tests concern the A028 and end on August 1st

Lazio: nothing new

Lombardy: the last planned tests concern B003 and take place between 1 and 5 September.

March: tests for cdc A020 ​​scheduled for August 8 and 9

Molise: tests for CDC AJ56, AC24 scheduled for August 8, AB56 on August 4

Piedmont: tests postponed until September –

Puglia– the next planned tests are those for competitive class A022, Italian, history, geography in the primary school. Rehearsals take place between 26 July and 5 September 2022, with a break between 6 and 24 August. The tests for A028 are ongoing until August 10th.

Sardinia: nothing new

Sicily: nothing new

Tuscany: tests planned for A002-A007-A010-A013-A023-A028-A032-A041-A044-A050-A052-A059-AD25-AI56-B011-B015-B016-B018 B018 B018. Some are already finished, others in progress will end on July 29.

Veneto: the latest news stops at the drawing of the letter for the oral exam in the competitive classes A030, A011, A026, AC56.

Umbria: The last scheduled tests are set for August 10 and concern A027.

When do you appoint them?

The ministry had stated in the information to the trade unions: after the employment phase. Then after the ordinary procedure from GaE and competitions + quick call. It arrives on August 10.

This can be the useful period for deals. We remind you that for the winners it will be a limited-time employment in the school year 2022/23 aimed at the role. After the training period and trial year and training with the relative tests, there will be permanent employment in the school year 2023/24.

It remains to be seen whether the only possible appointments for 2022/23 will be those possible in August for the competition classes in the regions that have completed the procedure, or whether it will be possible to assign the positions even later so as not to postpone the year by one year the entire procedure, canceling the alleged advantage of having won an extraordinary competition reserved for teachers with three years of service.

Entries in the role 2022, the places for the extraordinary bis competition will be allocated. Recruitments according to placements in ordinary competitions [VIDEO]

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