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Naples, Vico di San Domenico Maggiore_2 © Elio Rosato

26/07/2022 – From 7 to 9 October 2022 (Preview and opening October 6) the agreement returns with EDIT Naples, the fair dedicated to editorial and author design, which confirms its presence again this year in the capital of Campania. The fourth edition of the event, which aims to support a new design based on territorialitythat sustainability and quality despite the crowd, it resumes animating the rooms in The monumental complex of San Domenico Maggiore and several other symbolic places in Neapolitan culture.

Born in 2019 and strongly desired by Emilia Petruccelli And Domitilla Dardi – directors and founders of the project – EDIT Napoli continues to welcome and support carefully selected independent designers, writers and design editors, creators and producers (open call still active) who are not only exhibitors but also eligible winners of the award that each year it is awarded the best unpublished works at the fair, which gives the selected realities the opportunity to exhibit their creations also the following year at EDIT Napoli and at the Brera Pavillon at the FuoriSalone in Milan, which just happened on the occasion of the 2022 edition.

Also this year, it will be a commission composed of Italian and international designers, experts, professionals and sector journalists that will reward the most deserving projects, formed by David Alhadefffounder of the gallery The Future Perfect, by the designer and architect Giuliano Andrea Dell’Uvaof CEO and Artistic Director of Petite Friture, Amelie Du Passageof the arch star Patricia Urquiola and by the web director of ELLE Decor Italia Alessandro Valenti.
Returning from their recent experience in Milan, the winners of 2021 will return as exhibitors to the fourth edition of EDIT Napoli, together with some names linked to the event for some time now, such as Very Simple Kitchen, present this year along with La Pietra Compattata, Margherita Rui with the new Dante Negro brand, Forma & Cemento, as well as new companies and designers including Antonio Lupi, Nodus Rug, Bolzan Letti, Galapagos, the Atlas project, No Smoking the Future and a Dutch representation thanks to The Young Dutch Titans call, launched for the second year in a row in collaboration with the Embassy and Consulate General of the passing countries in Italy.

The strong desire to create a network around the world of author design and support it, but also to bring together different national and international realities, in the full spirit of typical Mediterranean hospitality, pushes EDIT Napoli to develop several special projects every year. , which sees places, people, artists and companies as protagonists, even from different fields, involved in activities that can highlight creation itself and its processes. A collaboration that emphasizes the close connection between the event and the territory, its traditions and its riches, is that between the Feudi di San Gregorio winery and the designer Astrid Luglio.

After a stay in the Avellino cellar and an in-depth study of the company and its vision, Astrid has designed a bar that will be set up inside San Domenico Maggiore in October, during EDIT Napoli, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in a story about the winery – recently become B Corp -, about its territory and its community, and about tasting the wines, which in Feudi di San Gregorio’s vision have the same creative process as a work of art.

The world of oenology is here called to represent Campania and all of Italy: one of the excellences of the national heritage meets design, in a union that connects this world and food and wine, and which, in the full spirit of EDIT Napoli, gives life to new virtuous collaborations. Another special project for the 2022 edition is that involving the Design Lab in the San Patrignano community; the students of the laboratory, under the guidance of the artist Agostino Iacurci, famous for his works that are able to arouse wonder, will be involved in the construction of the entrance to the monumental complex of San Domenico Maggiore, the main place of the event. And thanks to EDIT Napoli, the special union that will see the students of the Abadir Academy of Design and Visual Arts in Catania engaged in the realization of the preparations of the seminar rooms, the part of the event dedicated to exhibitors under 30 and to companies is constituted of not more than three years; a collaboration that sees young people in support of young people, in a precious encounter between growing and promising realities.

In this spirit of promotion and support for the territory and of international influence, the initiatives of EDIT CULT are extended, a widespread program of exhibitions dedicated to the culture of the project in some of the most prestigious places in Naples. In this context, House of Today returns for the second consecutive year, a non-profit organization born with the mission to identify, cultivate, guide, curate, showcase and connect Lebanese product designers with design experts. The protagonist this year will be Rumi Dalle, at the Palazzo Venezia, who will represent Lebanon in Italy. Naples and Beirut thus merge on the occasion of the event, which is gaining more and more international scope, promoting the dialogue between artisans, producers and the creativity of different places: a priceless heritage of the Mediterranean. Also to enhance the most prestigious places in Naples by presenting special exhibition projects within them, EDIT Cult proposes for the fourth edition a retrospective in the Made in Cloister Foundation on Dutch designers linked to the values ​​of sustainability and curated by the designer Piet Hein Eek, known for his works that are based on the slowness, care and quality of craftsmanship combined with available materials. And it will be the internationally known architect Michele De Lucchi, another important name that will integrate the initiatives of EDIT Cult. As part of the event, De Lucchi will present his “Legni Cuciti”, sculptures that tell the artist’s fascination with the imperfection of making by hand, a key value of craftsmanship. His project, presented in the church museum of Santa Luciella, will show five new unpublished pieces of the series, created ad hoc for EDIT Napoli.

The unprecedented collaborations, international partnerships and those active in the field make EDIT Napoli year after year a valuable opportunity for the entire world of editorial and author design, which in four editions has now found its natural home in the heart of the Mediterranean. An event that attracts a large audience of professionals and non-professionals, confirming its increasingly important role in the wider world of design. Not surprisingly, to continue and continue to support and support the realities that participate in it, thanks to the Made in EDIT brand, during the event, the projects that have come to light thanks to the spirit of EDIT Naples will be highlighted: virtuous collaborations, projects special, unique flashes that turn into real replicable lines created by the brand of the event itself. This year the protagonist of the Made in EDIT proposals will again be the HYBRIDA collection designed by Patricia Urquiola, the residency project started in 2020 that tells the story of the architect-designer at the Caselli Real Fabbrica Institute in Capodimonte, from which in 2021 a collection was born , which revitalizes the ancient art of porcelain and at the same time enhances the excellence of the world-famous craft production. Two lines arose from this precious work: one consisting of unique pieces that were auctioned with Christie’s to allow the restoration of the teaching garden inside the Capodimonte school, which will be officially presented in October on the occasion of EDIT Naples. The second line, on the other hand, by choosing replicable pieces from the first, has become a collection of porcelain, offered for the first time in different color variations at the fair.

EDIT Napoli always looks to the future, and seals a new collaboration with WIDE | Venice Innovation Designn, the appointment in the name of sustainability, which sees the urban renewal process taking place on the island of the Lagoon, owned by the metropolis, as the protagonist. Driven by the common spirit of identifying ethical and environmentally friendly projects, the two realities will be involved for the first time in a town twinning that will allow some exhibitors selected by EDIT Naples to participate in the next edition of the event held in Venice.

In addition, the documentary The Object Becomes, produced in 2021, will be presented as part of the October event and thanks to a collaboration between EDIT Napoli and the government agency WBDM (Wallonie Bruxelles Design Mode) as well as part of Belgium is Design. . will be in circulation within the framework of international design and documentary film festivals until the end of 2022.

In what has now become an inevitable fixed agreement, the world of editorial and author design will be the protagonist from October 7 to 9 in the capital of Campania, and EDIT Napoli confirms its decisive role as an event dedicated to the future of design, as from the heart del Mediterraneo crosses national borders and attracts exhibitors, professionals, experts and enthusiasts from the sector and visitors from around the globe.

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