Changing schools, when to do it, why and how to handle the change

Why change

You can change schools family needsfor example, for a move to another city, because you are aware of it the study is not for us, or even by personal problems, with companions and companions or because you do not get along with one or more prof. There are therefore many reasons for deciding to change schools, all valid. It is clearly not an easy choice to make, because it means changing one’s habits and, above all, entering a different context, where we may find an already close-knit class or group and perhaps find it difficult to fit in. From a practical point of view, however, changing schools is relatively simple and practically only requires the preparation of a few documents.

When to do it

In general, it is always possible to change schools, so the transfer can be requested at the beginning of the year, at the end or during the school year. This is because possible needs may arise Anytime: for example, a family may find themselves having to move without much notice for family or work reasons.

However, the fact that you can always change schools does not mean that every moment is ideal. If school has recently started and if you are in the first year and you realize that you are hero wrong course of study, it is advisable to move immediately to ask to be welcomed in another institution. At the start of the school year, education has not yet really entered the heart of the program, and in most cases, strong bonds with classmates have not yet been created. Therefore, changing schools immediately in this case brings only practical and also emotional benefits: it will not be difficult to recover any shortcomings in the subjects, it will not suffer from leaving a close-knit group, and it will be easier to enter a new context.

If, on the other hand, we didn’t move in time and the year passed, even if it is theoretically possible to change schools, it is really not a good idea to do so. Indeed, as the months pass, the risk of having to redo parts of the program or having difficulty being accepted into a group where they have already been created increases. balances. Once we have passed the first three or four months of the school year, it is better to resist and in the meantime inquire about other schools and then ask for the transfer towards the end of the lessons, so that you start from September. Should the new institute ask for additional exams, you have the whole summer at your disposal to prepare. Furthermore, it is much easier to change your study address during the two-year period, while from the third year onwards it is preferable to keep the same address if you still want to change schools.

How to do

There procedure changing schools is quite simple and involves asking approval for the sending school. Before starting the process, however, it is advisable to contact the school you wish to transfer to, not only to inquire about the programs and check available places, but also to ask for a meeting with the headmaster. The interview will be very useful to understand if the transfer is possible, if the application will be accepted or not and under what conditions. Obviously, the manager will ask why you want to change schools and why you have chosen his own institution: the answer is quite crucial, so be careful. It is clear that if the transfer is necessary for family reasons, there should be no problems, but if you have problems with teachers or peerstry to be diplomatic in explaining your reasons and avoid badmouthing the school.

After the interview, i.e forms for the transfer request to obtain the authorization which is then sent to the former school. In fairness, you should also ask to speak to the headteacher of the school you attend to explain why you want to change schools. Besides being a polite way of doing things, it will also allow you to get the permit in a little less time, without which it is not possible to change schools.

How to deal with the change

If you change schools voluntarily, it is certainly easier to face the change, but if you are forced to move, things can be more difficult. In this case, it can be helpful to experience change as an opportunity to deal with a new environment and other people without focusing too much on fear and dread. Don’t make comparisons with old school or friends from before: every situation is different and every experience is unique. To be accepted by your peers and peers, you don’t have to do anything special apart from being friendly and spontaneous, while if you miss old friends, don’t worry: today, thanks to social networks, you can also keep in touch if you are Remove.

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