Cedit – Ceramiche d’Italia, a virtual exhibition to explore Nft

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Dematerializing the ceramic surface, perhaps the most material of surfaces, so capable of magnetically attracting touch and gaze, means shuffling the map of perception. Doing so with a curious and experimental character, during the last Milan Design Week, was Cedit – Ceramics of Italyone of the brands in Florim groupwith a project that explores Nft through a virtual exhibition staged at Foro Buonaparte 14 / A.

The Nft

New future taxes

The main characters are ten works with a name New future taxes, or ten ‘objects found in the future’ immersed in a lysergic landscape where references from the classical world float. Their names are evocative – New Future Araldica, New Future Chimera, New Future Euridice, New Future Policroma, just to name a few – and they combine ancient ruins of classicism with metaphysical surroundings, reinterpreting the brand’s cult collections. A project born to cast a glance towards the world of the metaverse, a world that increasingly catalyzes the attention of design.

Florim’s numbers and entry into Altagamma

New Future Treasures is just one of the many facets that animate the spirit of Florim, a company that has been producing ceramic surfaces for building, architecture and interior design for over 60 years, based in Fiorano Modenese. With a turnover in 2021 of over 480 million euros and a gross operating margin of over 25% – the highest figures in the company’s history – Florim is a point of reference for the entire international ceramic sector.

And it is no coincidence that it made its entrance just this year Altagamma, the foundation that brings together the elite of Italian companies placed at the top of the range, ambassadors of made in Italy in the world. A milestone achieved thanks to a push towards innovation which has always expressed itself not only through the creation of increasingly avant-garde ceramic surfaces, but also through a commitment to sustainability born in 2008, when being green was still the flag of a few.

Commitment to sustainability

In May, Florim published the 14th edition of its report of sustainability, celebrating ten years of commitment to reducing its environmental impact: two decades in which Florim has spent 50 million euros to make its production processes more sustainable and avoid the emission of 111,042 tonnes of Co2. In 2021, Florim managed to recover and reuse 12.8 million liters of rainwater, while the electricity that is not self-produced internally through the 42 thousand square meters of solar panels together with the cogeneration generators is exclusively purchased from renewable sources with a guarantee of origin (Go).

Milestones that have enabled Florim to achieve in 2020 B Corp certification, which attests to the adoption of a regenerative business model and which places the company – for now the only ceramic industry to receive this recognition – among the more than five thousand B Corp companies in the world. In addition to summarizing the goals achieved, the impact report sets new ambitious goals, including the installation of a 4.5 MWp solar plant in the Mordano plant, in addition to the 7.7 MWp in Fiorano Modenese. adaptation of product mix to reduce the use of raw materials, water and energy; and analysis of alternative sources of means of transport for handling goods.

Cedit – Ceramics of Italy

Climate neutrality and zero emissions

Resolutions that fit into a bigger picture, which led Florim to change its statute to start a path towards climate neutrality and net zero emissions. “Ten years after the start of clean energy production,” the president explained Claudio Lucchese“Florim has amended its statute formalizing the commitment to implement a progressive development of the business model towards a net-zero emission economy in accordance with the European and national goals for ecological transition”.

Florim’s commitment to the environment was also inspired by the preparation of the Florim stand at Furniture exhibition and in the Foro Buonaparte Showroom: a project signed by the architect and designer Matteo Nunziati, who offered four different interpretations of the space, united by the common denominator of sustainability. A project created to confirm that even the design of luxury and modernity has a responsibility towards the planet.

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