Cardarelli, ok from the school office at Design. There is still a negative opinion about Liceo coreutico

Opinion in favor of the activation of the design course, confirming the negative opinion for high school choreutics: this is the position of the Ministry of Education / Regional School Office regarding the two possible new addresses, of which the Cardarelli Institute of La Spezia (which currently includes the four addresses, architecture and environment, audiovisual and multimedia, graphics and figurative arts) have requested activation. The latest is illustrated in the section dedicated to high schools in the Provincial School Network Sizing Plan 2023-2024, the adoption of which will be subject to scrutiny by the Provincial Council next Thursday, July 28.
In particular, regarding possible activation of the dance gymnasiumit is noted that “The Provincial Service ‘Heritage – School Building’ highlighted the lack of any financial resources currently to be allocated to changes in school buildings generated by the activation of new courses which require maintenance and/or supplies of furniture and/ or or sufficient equipment to support teaching, “which, as expected, the school office confirms” the negative attitude already expressed in the past school year, since the staff assigned to the school institutions in Liguria do not allow the establishment of additional sections of the Liceo Coreutico in Liguria- the region “and that” school leaders and trade union parties, heard during the meeting, recognize the importance of enriching the educational offer of ISS Cardarelli by providing the provincial student and the neighboring neighboring areas with an additional relevant educational opportunity”.
Given this situation, the province “thinks to send the request for the activation of the high school dance performed by ISS Cardarelli, given the quality of the presented project, to the competent body, the Liguria Region, accompanied by
of the statements from the Technical Sector – School Construction and the Regional School Office.

While regarding the activation of the Design, if there is a similar statement from the technical sector about a lack of resources, there is also, as mentioned, the ministerial OK. In fact, the regional school office expresses a positive opinion because “the flow of students addressed to the first two years of the artistic secondary school in the last five years – reads the deed of the province – would guarantee the sustainability over time of said address , if activated, which would go to integrate the other four already present in the institute by completing the educational offer with the whole series of addresses that the system provides “; and again, since “the new activation does not entail the risk of overlapping with other study programs active at other educational institutions in the province. In reverse, opportunities for synergies can be identified both horizontal, with some professional training courses present at the Einaudi – Chiodo Professional Institute, and vertical, with the degree courses in nautical design administered by the University of Genoa in the city’s university center “; and “from a personnel point of view, the competitive classes necessary for this address, all already present within the requesting educational institution, and this reduces the risk that the newly created course may lead to a staff surplus”.
The province considers the activation of the design course as “qualifying for the provincial educational offer and deserving of attention, also taking into account the importance of creating training opportunities that complete the training chain in support of the boating districtwhich is not only characteristic of our territory, but also represents an important driving force for local economic development”. The institution considers “the proposal of ISS Cardarelli acceptable, approving the activation of the design course of the artistic secondary school, subject to the availability of the staff, as expressed in the opinion issued by the Ministry of Education, University and Research – Regional School Office for Liguria Office IV – AT in La Spezia, and considering that no school building interventions or allocations of specific laboratory equipment are necessary, considering that the province currently unable to bear these financial burdens”.
The dimensioning plan, once approved, will be sent to the Liguria region and to the regional and provincial school management for follow-up of competence.

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