“A school that will close in a hurry, Marconi di Sant’Alessandro”

26 July 2022

Letter updated at 12.15 Tuesday 26 July

Dear Municipality of Castrono
For information: Mayor Giuseppe Gabri

For your information: Municipal Board members: Tabano Roberto, Bertoni Simone, Tarullo Chiara, Vasoli Luca, Gasparini Simone, Albizzati Simone, Toscani Luca, Agnello Elisa, Bizzotto Daniele, Ramon Stefano, Turetta Andrea, Nicora Francesca

I wanted to at least give a nod to my former pec, but you were obviously too busy.
Now that you have also received the final non-binding opinion, you can proceed to vote on the possible closure of the Guglielmo Marconi School in Sant’Alessandro.

Let’s summarize, the proposal is to close the school. Let’s see how the decision was received:

The supervisor’s non-binding opinion: Negative.
The school council’s non-binding opinion: Negative.
Rector’s opinion: Negative.
Statement from the Mayor of Brunello: Negative.
Statement from the Mayor of Sumirago: Negative. (Ed. The Mayor of Sumirago Yvonne Beccegato contacted the editors immediately after the publication of the letter to announce that she never spoke negatively when the school was closed).
Statement from class representatives representing students’ parents: Negative.
Opinion of the supporters of the Marconi Sant’Alessandro Castronno school (born by the way): Negative.
Opinion of around 700 citizens who signed the corresponding petition: Negative.
My personal opinion, it means little, I know: Negative.

If any of these opinions have not reached your ear, simply arrange a public meeting with the representatives of the groups I have mentioned to ask directly or pick up the phone and call.

When I want to do something and I want to be sure not to make mistakes, I ask for advice from those who know more than me. If everyone tells me ‘You’re making a mistake’ I ask myself a question. If everyone motivates me to the error of questions, I ask more than one.

I am not asking the mayor to revise his decision, it is now clear that he has no intention of discussing it after rejecting any public confrontation, so far he has done nothing but communicate his decision without discussing it at any manner.

I don’t understand either the closing position on the public debate on such an important issue or the obvious rush to close the case, it makes me think it is due to the changed political situation at national level.

The very incorrect behavior of those who first anticipate the discussion in the city council about the closure of the school by a month and a half is still evident, in order not to have a dialogue with the citizens and then claim that they have never seen the 700 signatures collected!

We see that in September the political commitments will press on, and there will be no time for a peaceful and democratic confrontation, everything must be closed at once in order to be able to boast of its work.

If the mayor really wanted a dialogue about the eventuality of the closure of the school, he would have listened to the repeated requests for a public meeting to talk about the matter and would not have made himself available only for individual meetings where only the post-closure would be discussed.

I ask you councilors to carefully consider what you are about to do, if you close Marconi it will never reopen. You will have killed her and you will not be able to revive her.

Think carefully!

There are municipalities that do not have a primary school, we have 2 (two), we have a huge wealth that many envy us, it is up to you to preserve it for future generations.

By closing the G. Marconi school, you are not only killing a school, but also the village of Sant’Alessandro, which, thanks to it, can attract young families eager to have children. Instead of strengthening an institution, you destroy it and thus the hope of a society.

The real problem is not the need to rationalize the school service (whatever that means), the real problem is the demographic decline, do you think eliminating family services will solve this problem?

Definitely not, in fact you will make it worse.

The primary school of Sant’Alessandro brings children from other municipalities to Castronno and this is a positive fact for the school complex, but above all it mitigates the decline in children born in Castronno and is a basic service for the families that depend on it. …

By removing the useful services for families, you are certainly not encouraging them to have more children, you are simply creating an additional problem for those who want them, maybe a small problem, but still one more.

Having a child today is not easy, and families, before bringing one into the world, do their math and evaluate the environment in which it will grow: better a country with a school than one without, even better Castrono, who has 2 (two) schools !

The real problem is demographic decline, but you as citizen representatives should work to combat it, and you should understand that it is certainly not combated by canceling the few services offered to families or by closing schools.

To close a school is a surrender, a failure, it is the confirmation of a society’s inability to cope with a problem of depopulation, and it is the prelude to the failure of every other social policy.

With your vote you will sanction your failure and you will always be able to remind the citizens by saying: I am one of those who, unable to make my country a community, I have begun to destroy its structures!

Before you blindly believe that closing a school is a good thing, to obey those who want it closed and fight for them a battle against the citizens, try to listen to them, listen to their opinion and those who by. more about the school from you.

Today you close a school, tomorrow what do you close? Mail? The station? Any doctor’s surgery? Rationalize everything and nobody will live in Castronno anymore and the demographic decline will be an even more serious problem.

Alternatively, you could accept the challenge, face the problem of population decline, not adapt to the situation, but react and do something to improve it. I know it’s about working hard, but you might as well NOT fail.

If you wait for the directives on the real problem, ie. the demographic decline, coming from Varese, Milan, Rome, Brussels or New York or directly from heaven, nothing will ever be done and Castrono will become a land of old people, but probably not for old people, and the old abandoned and without anyone thinking about them, it will be us, it will be me, and you will also be counselors.

It all starts here, think about it: do you want a country for families, for children, for people or a country of abandoned old people?

Rabuffetti Alberto

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