Where to go on vacation based on the characteristics of the partner

Booked holidays. Clear suitcases. But whether it’s going abroad or to experience the beauties of Italy, it can be a journey test bench important for everyone couple, even the most “tested”. The people you choose to go with play a fundamental role in the experience, as much as the chosen destination. In addition to personal affinity, it is important to avoid unpleasant surprises also share habits and expectations. According to a survey conducted by PiratinViaggio.it, which received five thousand responses, the partner is the Italians’ favorite person for a holiday, choice with 63% of preferences ahead of friends and friends (25%) and family members (12%), among which children (8%) stand out. Surprisingly, Italians turn out to be more habitual than one might imagine: the preference for one’s partner is actually higher for those who are married or in a committed relationship (78%), while it drops to 33% for those who declare themselves in an open relationship. When it comes to traveling with your partner, the most popular formula is short stays, no longer than one week (71%). In particular, 13% choose a weekend; only 26% prefer more demanding holidays, even beyond 14 days. However, Holidays can strain even the strongest bonds and the exchange of experience inevitably ceasesaccept some compromises!

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Choosing the summer destination to spend a few days of relaxation or fun while respecting your (/and your partner’s) psychological characteristics may (or may not) make a vacation a success. The experts from Guidapsicologi.it have, on the basis of some archetypes typical of the story world, explained to us what are the peculiarities that characterize each of them and have given us some (practical) tips to deal with them, but rather all have fun!

Partner Peter Pan

Peter Pan calls himself a very selfish person self-centered and immature, with a total lack of responsibility in their actions and determined not to mature into anything in the world. They want and desire to remain children forever, and their behavior is directed towards that one goal. Disneyland would be her dream vacation, or any hotel or water park where she can feel like a child and give free rein to his desire. The ideal is to give him his own space, that he can have fun and give free rein to his time and energy, so as not to affect the rest of the group. Trying to get him to behave correctly or constantly pointing out what is wrong with his behavior will have the opposite effect and make the holiday even worse.

Partner Wendy

Typically feminine incarnates constant desire to please everyone, be it partners, children, friends. Feeling essential, her goal is to satisfy those around her. It is clearly based on the fear of rejection, abandonment, of not feeling appreciated. And giving everything is the only link to safety. Your ideal holiday is an apartment by the sea or camping. Where it is she who daily “sacrifices” herself for the group and keeps track of it all. Making her feel important will help us have a peaceful holiday, don’t leave her alone, on request she is able to find the best entertainment option for everyone.

Wonder Woman’s partner

It’s the woman Perfect, she always has everything under control, she can do everything and constantly sacrifices herself because she can, and she sees herself as capable of everything. She is tireless, controlled and emotionally it is difficult for her to show her feelings, “she has no time” because she is too busy with other things. His ideal vacation could be, for example, a cultural trip to India. Where everything is planned on time and where you can visit even the most remote corner. Letting him go at his own pace, signing up for the outings he wants to do, not seeing the company of others as an obstacle to his desire to have fun, is the winning strategy. When you are not able to keep your rhythm, it is good to “break away”, to enjoy the well-deserved relaxation.

Partner Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood represents innocence, the pure and untainted soul, the kindness, the inclination to help, but also the inexperience, the lack of maturity. She needs flattery, the admiration of others, and for this she is looking for places where she feels loved. The fear it presents is self-esteem. Little Red Riding Hood loves to travel in the company of friends with whom she can go along without any problems.

Ugly Duckling Partner

This is the most studied archetype in history. He is it differently within its group, the son who feels that his flock does not understand him, the one who does not adapt to the environment in which he was supposed to develop. The Ugly Duckling feels strange and experiences this discomfort from different points of view, an introverted character to the maximum and his greatest desire is to be able to be invisible. His ideal vacation is at a summer camp, where he can observe that the “strangeness” is more present in society than he imagines to be true normality, and where he has the opportunity to express everything he has inside in an unfamiliar environment. Although his desire is to be alone, being alone can make him feel inappropriate. Being alone with himself does not help him, given the inner complexity and uncertainty that characterizes him. Having people around you who don’t necessarily come from your family background is a big help in creating your own personality. Letting him join a group vacation, in a new group, is the best solution for his vacation.

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