Ukrainian children, summer camps to help them integrate

Lat school it is a welcoming and inclusive environment that guarantees a learning path and socialization among children. This is confirmed by the project PEACE – Community welcome routes in educational contexts – promoted by the association Help code Italy who for over 30 years has worked in Italy and around the world to protect the rights of minors.

Ukrainian children during the summer camps

Inclusion among the school desks

“Faced with the thousands of families with minors who fled the war in Ukraine and landed in Genoa, we encountered the need for support for social and especially school integration. To meet this need, in May we supported the school with laboratory and welcome activities, says Francesco Bartoletti, head of Helpcode’s Italy projects.

The pilot project, which lasted about a month, was very successful, so much so that, looking at the summer, to avoid the risk of isolation for Ukrainian children who lack opportunities for socialization, Help code Italia has activated in Summer camp.

Ukraine, the story of a 17-year-old mother fleeing Donbass with her little girl

Free summer camps for Ukrainian children

“In reality – Bartoletti explains – for some years we have organized summer camps on the outskirts of Genoa at the” Teglia “Comprehensive Institute, for primary school children. But this year, in light of the war emergency, we have decided to open the doors also to small Ukrainian refugees by welcoming them for free“.

In addition to playful activities and support to do homework for the holidays as well as to learn the first basics of the Italian language, the Helpcode summer centers also offer educational-cultural and other excursions playful-expressive workshops which week after week explores various current issues, how “Stop Prejudice” which sensitizes children to the discovery of differences by breaking down the wall of stereotypes,”VOTE – nuisance at work! dedicated to science,”Planet! A world to save“On the subject of environmental and food sustainability,”Around the world with Help Code“To discover stories from different parts of the world, beyond any barrier.

Regain the peace of mind stolen by the war

“The objective is guarantee for these children, already traumatized and uprooted from their daily reality, a more welcoming and gradual social insertion capable of restoring to them a sense of security and protection, crucial to their well-being. This is made possible by the interactive and experiential teaching methodology, which, thanks to the support of our educators and volunteers, turns children into protagonists on a path of mutual knowledge and exchange, where the spontaneity of the relationship between peers gives back moments of serenity ” comments Bartoletti.

The story of little Bogdan

As it happens these days, al little Bogdan who at the age of 8 experienced the drama of war, but fortunately in Genoa he found a safe haven where he could recapture his peaceful childhood.

“He has always been a very independent child, he likes to relate to others, but he needs the right time to socialize. inevitably, as soon as he arrived, he was in awe of a whole new reality that he was suddenly thrown into, but these summer camps help him tremendously. First of all, he learns the Italian language, but also the Italian system to respect its rules. He has lots of new friends and is ready to go to school from September.” says Levgenia, Bogdan’s mother, who fled with her two children from Odessa and was welcomed in Genoa by a family as well as by Helpcode, who promptly offered free participation in the summer camps.

New activities for the restart of school

“His regained serenity is also reflected in the drawings he makes these days, guided by his surprising artistic skills” adds Bartoletti, announcing that the summer camps, where it is still possible to register, they prove to be an opportunity for mutual knowledge between Italian and Ukrainian children through the universal language of playto such an extent that one hopes to be able to continue with the activities when school starts again.

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Courses italian language base, to allow families of children fleeing the conflict to obtain a first linguistic autonomy, indispensable for insertion into the new social context. And then knowledge games, playful-pedagogical workshops that promote learning, guidance courses between Italian and Ukrainian parents: these are some of the activities that Helpcode aims to ensure for Ukrainian children and families, from September, involving several neighborhoods and institutes schools in Genoa , with permanent support from a linguistic mediator and hopefully donors who support the project. So that it can be confirmed an important point of reference for Ukrainian families received in the Ligurian city.


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